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What Is Ear Acupuncture?, North Hempstead, New York
The concept of acupuncture is somewhat straightforward: by precisely stimulating particular points on your body, an acupuncturist can encourage natural healing and symptom relief for various health conditions. But did you know you can more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture, North Hempstead, New York
As a traditional part of Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a widely practiced alternative healing method. Acupuncture uses the insertion of thin needles into certain areas of the body to promote natural healing and an overall sense more
Hempstead, NY
Unsook Park’s Acupuncture, P.C. , Holistic & Alternative Care, Therapy, Acupuncture, New Hyde Park, New York
2001 Marcus Ave.
New Hyde Park, NY 11042
Unsook Park's Acupuncture, P.C. is New Hyde Park's premier acupuncture practice. With over 25 years of experience, licensed acupuncturist Unsook Park specializes in natural medical care and drug-free healing, serving as New York's top ch...
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How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?, North Hempstead, New York
If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you may be considering acupuncture as a holistic, effective way to relieve discomfort. The question many first-timers ask is: How many more
What Are the Different Types of Acupuncture?, North Hempstead, New York
For thousands of years, people around the world have reaped the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of acupuncture. Using tiny, painless needless, acupuncture is a type of more
Everything You Need to Know About Acupuncture Treatment, North Hempstead, New York
The role of Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine has evolved over 3,000 years to become relevant even today in modern medicine and natural healing. Unsook Park, the licensed more
What to Expect From Your First Acupuncture Treatment, North Hempstead, New York
Acupuncture is an alternative healing procedure that’s gaining popularity and acceptance worldwide. This method of therapy originated in ancient China and uses thin, metallic more
Acupuncture for Pain Relief: 5 Conditions It Can Treat, North Hempstead, New York
Although it’s been used to promote natural healing for thousands of years, an increasing number of western doctors, including the Harvard Medical School, are more
3 Ways the Ancient Practice of Acupuncture Relieves Stress, North Hempstead, New York
Acupuncture long has been recognized as an effective form of treatment for a number of ailments, but some may not realize it is helpful in healing both mental and physical more
What Is Cupping Therapy? The Acupuncture Professionals Explain, North Hempstead, New York
Cupping therapy is one of the oldest, most established techniques in ancient Chinese medicine since it’s used to treat a variety of ailments. Unsook Park’s Acupuncture, P.C., a more
Does Acupuncture Hurt? New Hyde Park's Doctor Explains, North Hempstead, New York
Acupuncture is a natural healing process dating back to the 16th century. The idea behind it is to use thin, disposable, stainless steel needles to stimulate some of the more
Acupuncture Specialists In New Hyde Park Outline What To Expect During An Acupuncture Treatment, North Hempstead, New York
For people experiencing menstrual cramps, constant headaches, or chronic pain, acupuncture can prove to be natural healing. This holistic ancient Chinese procedure uses needles, more
Acupuncture: A Natural Approach to Health & Healing, North Hempstead, New York
When it comes to their health, most people think of visits to the doctor’s office and pharmaceutical prescriptions, and while there’s a great deal that can be done this way, it more
Find Relief for Your Symptoms Through Long Island’s Best Acupuncturist, North Hempstead, New York
When medications and traditional therapies don’t relieve your symptoms, it’s time to consider acupuncture, one of the world’s most popular alternative healing methods. This ancient more
Acupuncture: The Safe & Natural Way to Treat Depression , North Hempstead, New York
Do you suffer from depression? Have you considered the amazing benefits acupuncture will have on your body and mind? No one understands the natural healing benefits of more
Alleviate Body Pains Naturally With Help From Long Island’s Leading Acupuncturist, North Hempstead, New York
Chronic aches and pains can leave you feeling miserable. If you’re fed up with surgery and pain medications, Unsook Park’s Acupuncture has a better solution to help ease more
Unsook Park’s Acupuncture, P.C.:  Answers For Infertility & Alternative Healing, North Hempstead, New York
Couples in New Hyde Park, New York who are eagerly, but unsuccessfully, striving to conceive now have another avenue of hope. Unsook Park’s Acupuncture, P.C., a preeminent more
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