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Is Apple® Slowing Down Your Old iPhone®?, Chicago, Illinois
Recently it has come out that Apple® is slowing down older iPhone® models with worn out batteries.  Lawsuits have been filed and Apple® has responded by saying only that the iPhone® models that have sub-optimal batteries are being more
When to Buy Pre-Owned Apple® Devices, Chicago, Illinois
When you’re buying a new computer, phone, or tablet, you have many options to choose from. One of your initial decisions should be whether to purchase a brand-new or previously used device. Both current and pre-owned Apple® more
South Loop, IL
Experimac West Loop, Computers, Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, Chicago, Illinois
1127 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Experimac West Loop offers smartphone and computer repair services for Apple® devices and buys and sells pre-owned products. Located in Illinois, they proudly serve the residents of Chicago and are known as an area leader in qu...
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ALERT! for Apple® High Sierra® users, Chicago, Illinois
Recently at Experimac West Loop we’ve seen an inordinate number of computers coming in with a problem.  When the user updates to MacOS High Sierra or updates to a newer version more
3 Ways Computer Repair for Your Hard Drive Can Save You Money, Chicago, Illinois
When your computer’s hard drive crashes, you may wonder if it’s worth the expense of getting it repaired or if you should buy a new desktop or laptop. After all, a new more
Do You Really Need the Latest iPhone?, Chicago, Illinois
Ten years ago when Apple® introduced the iPhone® it changed the mobile phone game.  Though it wasn’t that long ago it seems like ages since the first iPhone® came out and more
3 Uses for Apple® Computers & iPads®, Chicago, Illinois
When you’re choosing a computer or tablet, you have to consider all of its capabilities and how they can work for you and your lifestyle. There’s a reason why Apple® computers& more
Upgrading Your Apple® Computer vs. Buying a Newer One, Chicago, Illinois
If you have an Apple® computer that isn’t performing as it should, upgrading it is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one. This isn’t always the best decision, more
How to Care for Older Apple® Computers, Chicago, Illinois
Apple computers last a very long time.  It isn’t difficult to find eight or even ten year old Apple computers still going strong.  Many people love their computers and more
Understanding Apple® Computers: Should You Worry About Viruses?, Chicago, Illinois
Most users love their Apple® computers and quickly become loyal to the brand. While these operating systems are known for being fast, smartly designed, and tough against more
Reasons to Invest in a Used Apple® Computer Over a New PC, Chicago, Illinois
For many years, there has been a great debate over whether Macs are better than PCs. While part of the answer comes down to personal preference, there is no denying Apple® computers more
The Synergy Between Macs® & Other iDevices, Chicago, Illinois
For several years, Apple has promoted the many features that make their products unique. One important feature is the synergy between your apple computers and any devices more
Computer Repair Pros Discuss 3 Preventative Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Hard Drive, Chicago, Illinois
Hard drives are one of the most crucial components of computer systems, as they hold the data you work with, add to, and reference. While all hard drives die at some point, the more
3 Common Mistakes Leading to the Need for Computer Repairs, Chicago, Illinois
Although you may know how to use a computer well, there are still a number of common errors even experienced users make that lead to the need for computer repairs. Are you making more
Is Upgrading an Older Computer Worth It?, Chicago, Illinois
Many people love their computers, they have used them daily for years and form an attachment to them.  After years of heavy use some computers can slow down to the point that more
What Is It About Apple® Computers & Products That Inspires Loyalty?, Chicago, Illinois
Even if you don’t use them, you probably know a thing or two about Apple® computers. Chances are you’re at least familiar with the brand’s core devotees—those who swear by all more
5 Signs You Need Computer Repair for Your Laptop, Chicago, Illinois
A laptop is one of the most useful devices you can own. It allows you to access all of the software and programs from your desktop in a compact, portable unit. Laptops can be used more
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