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Roaches are in my microwave. Need an exterminator?, Mobile, Alabama
Roaches have several species in the Mobile Baldwin County areas. Some reproduce faster than others and some have to be brought in the home/business while others are in the wild and will come in uninvited. Once in, they will continue to m...read more
Pest Control: the gift that lasts all year, Mobile, Alabama
Do you know of someone who needs an exterminator? Someone on a fixed income, elderly, disabled, a loved one, or any one who needs service for a short time or for a continuing service with no contract required. The holiday season is a goo...read more
Skyland Park, AL Exterminators Businesses
B & W Pest Control, Exterminators, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itse...
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Can pest control get rid of my roaches before Christmas?, Mobile, Alabama
It can, IF service can start two to three weeks before Christmas. Nature has to be overcome before the last roach is dead. Treating will entail at least two treatments in o...read more
Why are so many roaches in my kitchen?, Mobile, Alabama
The roaches that normally infest in large numbers are called “german roaches”.  This has no connection to the country Germany. These roaches have to be brought in from outside t...read more
Can you get rid of bed bugs forever?, Mobile, Alabama
In short, yes,IF.  A person has bed bugs because they were brought in the those (business) by some method. Mostly people. A person may not know that they are carrying them from ...read more
What Exactly Are Bedbugs?, Mobile, Alabama
You have likely heard of bedbugs when reading recent stories of airplane infestations, or hearing tales from friends of these pests taking over their home. If you have started to not...read more
Why are fleas in my house in the Fall of the year?, Mobile, Alabama
In South Alabama, the temperature does not get cold enough and long enough to kill the fleas. A business or home may have had the start of an infestation as far back as July or Augus...read more
Can an exterminator get rid of fir ants in my daughters bed?, Mobile, Alabama
People usually don't think of fire ants in homes and businesses. Why they get in beds, in dirty cloths hampers, around kitchen and bath water fixtures, and in walls, to name a few, i...read more
I have sprayed and sprayed and can't get rid of bed bugs!, Mobile, Alabama
If it’s any consolation, you are not alone. There are several factors and one is you may be re-infesting without knowing. Another, is the product your using may not do the trick. Peo...read more
Do mice and rats nest in homes?, Mobile, Alabama
The answer is yes. Winter months are the season for mice and rats to move where the weather is not so harsh. Once in , there is no reason to leave. Safe, secure, and it meets all the...read more
My elderly parents have roaches and bed bugs!, Mobile, Alabama
This happens more often than one may think. First, the elderly watch their money very closely. Their health may not be where they can see well, clean like they should, and mostl...read more
Roaches are all over my house. Whar can I do?, Mobile, Alabama
This is not an isolated case. Over a period of time, the roaches have multiplied  more than was killed by the home owners fight to control them. Pest control or exterminator tre...read more
3 Common Ways Bedbugs Spread, Mobile, Alabama
Bedbugs are nuisances no homeowner ever wants to find in their house. Knowing how these pesky insects spread can help you take the right precautionary steps to prevent their infestat...read more
Is pest control service needed in the Fall and winter?, Mobile, Alabama
Probably not if you don’t heat your home or business. Bugs come in during the warmer months and do what all living creatures do. They multiply. Cold weather is not ideal for the repr...read more
Pest Control for fire ants., Mobile, Alabama
Fire ants are all over lower Alabama. There are several methods to control fire ants. Control is the key word. Maintenance is the only key to fight the ants. Sooner or later, what on...read more
Does exterminating kill baby fleas?, Mobile, Alabama
YES. The smaller fleas you see is not baby fleas. They are adults that haven’t eaten. The pupae stage in the development of a flea is the last stage before it develops into a living ...read more
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