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Pest Control needed for roach infestation, Mobile, Alabama
Exterminators probably service more roach calls than any other pest. They can multiply in large numbers in a short period of time. Their habitat is plentiful and nature protect them with their outer coating. A bad roach infestation can r...read more
Why are ants in my kitchen/, Mobile, Alabama
Besides being a good cook, ants are hungry. They do eat people food. With a multitude of the variety of ants, it is possible to detect the type ant and what type of food it is looking for. Ants needs vary from time to time and that mean...read more
Skyland Park, AL Exterminators Businesses
B & W Pest Control, Exterminators, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itse...
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Can you get rid of rats or mice?, Mobile, Alabama
Of coarse. Winter is usually the season for rats and mice and other creepy crawly things. Shelter is the first choice in selecting a nesting place. Then, it must have a source of wat...read more
Can an exterminator eliminate bed bugs?, Mobile, Alabama
YES!!!!  BUT under certain circumstances. Knowing the life cycle and habits of the adults is a must. This type of pest control requires this knowledge which leads to the re...read more
Can roaches and fleas become immune to pesticides?, Mobile, Alabama
In short YES !!! One of the reasons is that the same chemical is used over and over. A complete kill is never done. Those that survive passes the resistance to its off spring.&n...read more
Bed bugs can take over an entire home, Mobile, Alabama
Left untreated, bed bugs can and will infest the entire building. B & W pest control can rid your home/ business of getting rid of your infestation w/out having to throw away any...read more
4 DIY Tips to Control Ants , Mobile, Alabama
While a rogue ant may seem harmless, a colony living on your property and venturing into your home is both frustrating and unsanitary. B & W Pest Control, based in Mobile, AL, of...read more
How do I treat bed bug bites?, Mobile, Alabama
There is really no difference that treating a bite of any other kind of insect. Every person is different and there are those that are sensitive to different allergens and have react...read more
Local pest control better ?, Mobile, Alabama
It can be and most likely will be. A person working for a company with headquarters in "tin buck two”  misses the personal relationship with his job and customers. His dail...read more
Keep Mice & Rats at Bay With These 3 Tips, Mobile, Alabama
Uninvited guests are always stressful to deal with, but rodents and other pests are especially overwhelming. Unfortunately, keeping mice and rats away can be a challenge for some hom...read more
Do you Exterminate for Bed Bugs ?, Mobile, Alabama
Have you asked yourself this question?  If it is not wood destroying, then we do the pest control for that insect. This is a large coverage as the insect world is tremendous. We...read more
How MICE and Rats can take over, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time a few years back, B & W Pest Control got a call from a motel with rats on the motel grounds. Out front, the landscaping had palmetto bushes in a big area ar...read more
Fleas or roaches  Which gets the 1st attemtion?, Mobile, Alabama
Over the years (since 1978) B & W Pest Control has noticed that people will call an exterminator for fleas before they will on a roach infestation. A conclusion (not scientific) ...read more
Does an EXTERMINATOR needed for ROACHES, Mobile, Alabama
Well, yes. When roaches are coming into your home or just start to be noticed on the kitchen counters, it can be a long run to do pest control yourself. Not only the constant expense...read more
Need help with FLEAS, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time not to long ago, I was entering a home that had called us to get rid of their fleas. After the initial greeting and a few steps into the home, I looked on my pants l...read more
Can pest control get rid of bed bugs, Mobile, Alabama
B & W Pest Control guarantees our service to eliminate all bed bugs in the area treated. We don’t ask for you discard your mattress and or box springs in most cases. We price ove...read more
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