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Family Eye Care Experts Offer 3 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Vision, Fairfield, Ohio
Vision is one of the most important aspects of your child’s well-being, which is why protecting it should be a priority. The family eye care staff at Staarmann Family Vision Center in Fairfield, OH, advises that your child’s eyesight is ...read more
Can You Use Your Eyeglass Prescription for Contact Lenses? , Fairfield, Ohio
Although glasses make life easier for those with near- or far-sightedness, they can be uncomfortable and a safety hazard for those who lead an active lifestyle. If you are looking for an alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses are an e...read more
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Staarmann Family Vision Center, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Fairfield, Ohio
2834 Mack Rd.
Fairfield, OH 45014
For residents of Fairfield, OH, and the surrounding areas, Staarmann Family Vision Center is a name synonymous with quality eye care. Housing a team of reputable eye doctors, the local vision center offers a wide range of optometric solu...
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Fairfield Optometrist Explains Everything You Need to Know About Multifocal Glasses, Fairfield, Ohio
When it comes to vision care, every person requires a different approach. For some, traditional eyewear isn’t enough to satisfy their needs. In these instances, multifocal ...read more
3 Eye Problems Vision Therapy Can Fix, Fairfield, Ohio
When people think about optic care, many narrow the window of services to glasses, contact lenses, and eye exams. However, recent advancements in optometry include the use of vi...read more
Is Sleeping in Your Contact Lenses Healthy?, Fairfield, Ohio
Most people who wear contact lenses have slept in them at some point in their lives. They might have been stuck somewhere without a case or solution, or perhaps they simply fell asle...read more
New to Contact Lenses? 3 Care Tips to Keep You Comfortable, Fairfield, Ohio
If your eye doctor recently provided you with a prescription for contact lenses, you’re likely excited to put them in and enjoy your improved vision. However, if you don’t know ...read more
Ohio Eye Doctor’s Top 3 Tips to Prevent Cataracts, Fairfield, Ohio
Cataracts are formed by protein build-up in the eyes, reducing the ability for light to enter your retinas. This causes vision to become blocked or hazy, making it harder to see...read more
4 Myths About Vision Therapy, Fairfield, Ohio
If you or a loved one suffers from a vision impairment, vision therapy might be a useful tool to improve your sight. Vision therapy is personalized to your individual needs and engag...read more
Ask the Eye Doctor: 3 FAQs about Myopia , Fairfield, Ohio
Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, describes people who are able to clearly see or read up close, but have difficulty seeing things in the distance. According to a ...read more
Eye Health 101: Why You Should Visit Your Eye Doctor Annually , Fairfield, Ohio
While most people agree that there is little more important than your health, it can still be easy to forget to make an appointment with your eye doctor. Even if you don’t think ther...read more
Contact Lenses: Which Type Is Right For You?, Fairfield, Ohio
Whether your vision has changed and you need glasses or contact lenses for the first time or you want to transition from glasses to contacts, there are plenty of options available. T...read more
An Ohio Vision Center Explains How Often You Should Get an Eye Exam, Fairfield, Ohio
Much of what you learn comes from the things you see. That’s why it’s so important to take the appropriate measures to keep your eyes healthy. You can do this by getting regular eye ...read more
Vision Therapy: Can It Help You?, Fairfield, Ohio
For many people, vision problems can quickly start to affect their everyday lives. If you’re like the many others who struggle with issues like blurry vision, eye strain or other imp...read more
Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses: Which Option Is Right for You?, Fairfield, Ohio
If you’ve recently discovered you have imperfect vision, you probably have to make a decision between wearing contact lenses or glasses. The eye care professionals at Staarmann Famil...read more
5 Most Common Eye Diseases , Fairfield, Ohio
Unless you have a prescription that's about to run out or find yourself in need of a new pair of glasses, eye care is something that can easily fall to the wayside. Regardless of you...read more
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