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What You Should Know About Using Smoke & Fire Alarms in Winter, Rochester, New York
Part of keeping your family and property safe is making sure your home or business' smoke and fire alarms are fully functional at all times. However, these systems can face challenges during the winter. Therefore, it’s imperati...read more
3 Tips to Protect Your Home During the Holidays, Rochester, New York
Many people travel during the holiday season, which leaves their empty properties vulnerable to break-ins. Although installing burglar alarms is one way to safeguard your house, the professionals at Action Security & Communications i...read more
Central Business District, NY Home Security Businesses
Action Security & Communications, Access Control Systems, Home Security, Fire Protection Systems, Rochester, New York
31 Richmond St.
Rochester, NY 14607-1329
Action Security & Communications is a trusted electronic security provider based in Rochester, NY. For over 30 years, they've provided residents with quality products along with fast, professional service. They offer fire alarm and s...
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Top 3 Reasons Your Business Benefits From Installing an Intercom System, Rochester, New York
The ease of communication is essential for productive businesses, which is why having an intercom system installed is one of the best investments your company can make. Seamlessly co...read more
3 Benefits of Investing in a Household Carbon Monoxide Detector, Rochester, New York
Of all the possible calamities that may befall a household, one of the worst by far is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. This invisible, odorless, and colorless gas is a silen...read more
3 Important Maintenance Tips for Smoke & Fire Alarms, Rochester, New York
Smoke and fire alarms are some of the most important safety features in your home or commercial property, but they can only keep you safe if they are properly maintained. Failin...read more
4 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips , Rochester, New York
Carbon monoxide is an insidious poison with no color or odor. If not detected in high concentrations, it can be deadly. Fortunately, most carbon monoxide-related incidents are&n...read more
3 Advantages of Intercom Systems: Rochester's Security Pros Share, Rochester, New York
Feeling safe and secure in your home is not something you can put a price on. Whether you have recently experienced an intrusion or simply want to upgrade your household security, an...read more
5 Fire Safety Tips for the Winter, Rochester, New York
Heating, lighting, and cooking dramatically increase during the winter months because people either prefer or are forced to stay in their homes. This also increases the risk of resid...read more
Protect Your Family Against the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Rochester, New York
If you’re not aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide in your home, Action Security & Communications of Rochester, NY, recommends immediately familiarizing yoursel...read more
3 Important Smoke & Fire Alarm Tips, Rochester, New York
There’s no question a smoke and fire alarm saves lives. When smoke builds up from an abandoned cigarette, electrical wiring, or burnt food, having an alarm is essential to getti...read more
The Benefits of Installing an Intercom System for Your Business, Rochester, New York
If you have an open door policy at your workplace, you may want to consider getting an intercom system. At Action Security & Communications in Rochester, NY, there are sever...read more
3 Benefits of Installing an Access Control System at Your Business, Rochester, New York
When you run a business, security should be a top priority. An access control system will allow you take charge of your company’s security by letting you monitor specific rooms or en...read more
3 Reasons Every Home Should Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Rochester, New York
A house isn’t truly a home until it is safe, and a home isn’t truly safe without a carbon monoxide detector. Because carbon monoxide is odorless and essentially invisible, technology...read more
Home Security: 3 Benefits of an Intercom System, Rochester, New York
If you’re a homeowner, security is paramount for yourself and your family. Luckily, as technology advances, security systems are keeping up. Intercom systems can range fro...read more
3 Benefits of Cellular Alarm Monitoring , Rochester, New York
Nowadays, landline telephone service is less and less necessary, thanks to cellular phones and satellite networks. Beyond the convenience of cell phones, cellular technology is also ...read more
Why You Should Get Cellular Alarm Monitoring Instead of Using Telephone Lines, Rochester, New York
No one knows how important the security of your property is more than the security systems experts from Action Security & Communications in Rochester, NY. Over the years, they’ve...read more
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