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Why You Should Schedule Your Mold Testing Before Spring, Fairfax, Ohio
Spring is growing season for your lawn and garden, but the warm weather and moisture also promote the growth of mold inside your home. As soon as the mercury starts to rise, mold spores that had been kept in check by winter conditions ca...read more
5 Dangerous Problems a Home Inspector Could Uncover, Cincinnati, Ohio
Getting a thorough home inspection from a professional is an important part of buying a home. Before you make your final decision on whether or not to buy, you should get an inspection because it could reveal some potentially s...read more
Cincinnati, OH Home Inspection Businesses
Bertke Electrical Services & Testing, Home Inspection, Generators, Electricians, Cincinnati, Ohio
1645 Blue Rock St.
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Since 1928, the greater Cincinnati area has relied on Bertke Electrical Services & Testing for safe, efficient electrical services performed by some of the industry's leading professionals. They are proud to have wired some of the ci...
Rainbow Environmental Services, Environmental Services, Mold Testing & Inspection, Home Inspection, Cincinnati, Ohio
There are a variety of natural and environmental occurrences that can jeopardize the safety of your building beyond just inclement weather. If you’re in need of asbestos removal, black mold removal, lead based paint removal, or even a si...
Taylor Made Home Inspections, Home Inspection, Real Estate Inspections, Real Estate Services, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether you're buying or selling a home or commercial real estate, it pays to have a complete understanding of the condition of the property. A thorough real estate inspection performed by experienced, seasoned professionals will provide...
Inspection Plus, Ltd, Mold Testing & Inspection, Radon Testing, Home Inspection, Cincinnati, Ohio
4 Muirfield Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Every home and building has a secret. The dark spaces behind walls and unseen crevices below our feet can hold colonies of mold, armies of termites, and pockets of radon that undermine the integrity and value of homes and businesses. Sin...
Rainbow Environmental Services, Environmental Services, Mold Testing & Inspection, Home Inspection, Fairfax, Ohio
(513) 624-6470
There are a variety of natural and environmental occurrences that can jeopardize the safety of your building beyond just inclement weather. If you’re in need of asbestos removal, black mold removal, lead based paint removal, or even a si...
Archway home Inspections, LLC, Home Inspection, Home & Building Inspectors, Real Estate Inspections, Cincinnati, Ohio
507 Tusculum Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 871-1473
Archway Home Inspections provides full-service home inspections to residents of the Cincinnati, OH, area. Founder Jeff Tikkanen has over 12 years of home inspection experience and 11 years of experience with radon reduction system instal...
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Asbestos Removal Experts Explain How to Tell if Your Home May Have Asbestos, Fairfax, Ohio
Asbestos is an odorless substance that can’t be identified by sight alone. While it’s impossible to test for it without scientific equipment, there are a few signs it could be i...read more
How Scheduling a Home Inspection Prevents Costly Maintenance Issues, Cincinnati, Ohio
Prevention is key in many aspects of life, whether going to the dentist every six months to catch cavities or scheduling a home inspection before investing in a money pit of iss...read more
Why You Need Mold Testing Before Spring Hits, Union, Ohio
Mold can accumulate fast wherever there is moisture. Too much exposure can lead to health problems due to allergens. More so, warmer temperatures can foster its growth. This is why y...read more
3 Ways Heat Pump Home Inspections Give You Peace of Mind, Cincinnati, Ohio
Regular heat pump maintenance is a basic part of home ownership. Since it’s one of the most used elements within the home, its functionality is important. Home inspection professiona...read more
3 Reasons You Need a Home Inspection Before Buying a House, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you plan to buy a house, you should always have a home inspection before signing on the dotted line. This inspection will ensure you’re aware of any problems and don’t get stuck p...read more
What You Should Know Before Investing in a Home Generator, Cincinnati, Ohio
A generator is your home’s first line of defense against a power outage as the result of a blackout, storm, or other event. When shopping for a home generator, it is important to kee...read more
3 Important Reasons You Should Receive Routine Condo Inspections, Union, Ohio
Purchasing a condo is a lot like owning a house; instead of relying on building management, it’s up to you to repair and maintain your property. If you aren’t a professional contract...read more
3 Harmful Effects of Asbestos Exposure, Fairfax, Ohio
If your residential or commercial property was constructed before the 1980s, chances are asbestos is one of its major building components. Considering asbestos exposure is linked to ...read more
3 Times Mold Removal Might Be Necessary in Your Home, Fairfax, Ohio
The weather conditions created during the winter months are ideal for increased mold growth inside and outside the home. At Rainbow Environmental Services in Cincinnati, OH, they hav...read more
Save Money: Maintain Your Chimney’s Crown, Cincinnati, Ohio
The most important component of your chimney is the crown or cap on the top of the chimney. Though you may not be able to see it, the crown protects the chimney chase and flue from...read more
Residential Electricians Explain Why You Should Never Complete Electrical Repairs Yourself, Cincinnati, Ohio
The electrical wiring in your house is complicated, and it requires the knowledge of a professional residential electrician to service. For nearly 90 years, Bertke Electrical Service...read more
3 Identification Tips for Asbestos Removal on Furnaces & HVAC Ducts, Fairfax, Ohio
Asbestos removal is a serious concern, especially in older buildings with outdated HVAC systems. Aging ductwork that hasn't been properly inspected has the potential to spread hazard...read more
Master Electricians Explain 3 Common Wintertime Electrical Hazards, Cincinnati, Ohio
During the winter, plunging temperatures chase most people indoors, where they sometimes unknowingly create the perfect conditions for a house fire. Not only are you placing addition...read more
What Is Radon Testing?, Union, Ohio
Radon is a radioactive gas and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States – resulting in about 20,000 deaths every year. Since it’s colorless and odorless, ...read more
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