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5 Tips From Your Local Pool Contractors During Water Safety Month, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
May is National Water Safety Month, and with summer almost here, it’s important to be aware of a few safe practices before hitting the pool. Your local pool contractors have seen it all, which is why they know the best tips for more
5 Reasons Concrete Is the Best Material for Pool Construction, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If you’re planning to get a custom swimming pool built this summer for your Oahu home, the pool construction professionals at Central Pacific Specialty Contractors highly recommend using concrete over fiberglass. Why? Here’s a look more
Kaneohe, HI Concrete Supplier Businesses
Central Pacific Specialty Contractors, Concrete Supplier, Concrete Repair, Concrete Contractors, Kailua, Hawaii
(808) 262-2527
Central Pacific Specialty Contractors are the best concrete repair contractors in Hawaii. Although concrete repair, renovation, coatings, and decorations are some of CPSC's specialties, we provide a variety of quality contracting service...
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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Construction Company on Oahu, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Installing a pool will bring you years of family fun and relaxation, but pool construction can be a stressful endeavor. From planning and excavating to finally installing the pool, more
What Are the Signs You're in Need of Concrete Spall Repair?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Even some of the toughest building materials, like concrete, can show signs of wear and tear after a while, signifying the need for concrete spall repair. The professionals at more
The Importance of Waterproofing High-Rise Buildings, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
While all structures could benefit from professional waterproofing services, high-rise buildings are particularly at risk for the negative effects of water damage. Rather than more
Why Is Waterproofing Necessary?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Water is an incredible force with the power to erode coastlines, swallow ships whole, and flood buildings. The destruction water inflicts on buildings is two-fold — both cosmetic more
Why Should You Add Water Features During Pool Construction, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If you’re planning your upcoming pool construction, you and your family are in for a treat no matter what features you add. But as good as a pool is all by itself, a water feature more
Top 5 Reasons to Commission Pool Construction, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Whether floating peacefully or splashing around with friends and family, a pool is a great addition to the home. The decision to commission pool construction is one that offers a more
What Decorative Concrete Can Bring to Your Home or Business, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
It’s easy for home or business owners to take their establishment’s floors for granted. After all, most visitors or customers don’t typically scrutinize this part of your property more
What Are the Benefits of Concrete Flat Work?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Whether you need a new driveway, patio, sidewalk, garden path, or pool deck, there is only one material that’s easy to clean, requires little to no maintenance, has a long lifespan, more
What Is Spalling? Kailua's Expert Contractors Explain, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Concrete spall repair is a process where contractors repair peeling or flaking damage caused by water entering the concrete. This maintenance issue, also known simply as “spalling,” more
5 Things to Consider Before Pool Construction, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
The decision to build a swimming pool in your backyard shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only is it a major investment, but there are many areas of consideration homeowners tend more
Why Waterproofing Your Concrete Foundation Is Critical, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If concrete plays a key role in the foundation of your home or building, waterproofing it can save you a lot of money in the long run. With help from a contractor who more
3 Reasons to Waterproof Your Business, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
When a storm hits, the last thing you want is to see your concrete destroyed and your office damaged by water. At Central Pacific Speciality Contractors, located in the heart of more
Concrete Spall Repair Experts Explain How to Prevent Flaking & Scaling, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Concrete spalling, or the flaking and scaling of concrete structures, can lead to the degradation of your surfaces. If you want to ensure your driveway, sidewalk, or patio is more
Oahu's Best Concrete Contractor Highlights the Benefits of Concrete, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Concrete is among the most versatile and useful of building materials used by modern contractors, and it can be put to use for a variety of commercial and residential applications — more
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