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4 Safety Tips for Workers Who Use Heavy Equipment, Ewa, Hawaii
The team at Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp. in Waipahu, HI, takes pride in providing high-quality service in the Honolulu area to ensure your heavy equipment works reliably. Whether you go to them for equipment ...read more
What Is a Lowboy & Why Is It Perfect for Moving Heavy Equipment? , Ewa, Hawaii
You may have heard of a lowboy described as a piece of furniture with low-sitting drawers and short legs. A lowboy trailer in the truck rental industry follows a similar model, sitting low to the ground with two drops in the deck. This d...read more
Ewa, HI Welding Businesses
J & R Hi-Lift And Truck Services, Farm Machinery & Equipment, Welding, Equipment Repair, Pearl City, Hawaii
Having a profitable business requires having the right tools and equipment to be productive. While mechanical issues with your heavy equipment are unavoidable and can sidetrack your business, you can call on the professionals for expert ...
Lee's Welding, Fences & Gates, Welding & Metalwork, Welding, Waipahu, Hawaii
94 -1119 Awaiki St
Waipahu, HI 96797
When setting up physical boundaries on your property, it’s crucial to seek the strongest and safest infrastructure you can find. Lee's Welding of Waipahu, HI, has assembled a talented crew of technicians and established itself as the isl...
Contractors' Equipment & Service Corp, Auto Repair, Welding, Contractors, Waipahu, Hawaii
94-460 Ukee St
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 676-7566
Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp is the heavy equipment specialist of Honolulu. With all kinds of heavy equipment rentals, auto body repair services, and welding work, they will see your project through from start to finish. Sev...
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The Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Welding, Ewa, Hawaii
When most people think of aluminum, a multifunctional, lightweight material used to cover leftovers or line pans comes to mind. However, this versatile material can be used for many ...read more
What Types of Jobs Does a Welder Do?, Ewa, Hawaii
Welding might not be the first thing you think of when Hawaii pops into your head, but there is quite the demand for an experienced welder on our chain of island paradises. The range...read more
5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Welding , Ewa, Hawaii
Welding is a time-honored way of treating and fusing metals. Using high-intensity heat, welders can melt, reshape, and seal pieces of metal to create various structures. This form of...read more
3 Common Welding Techniques You Should Know About, Ewa, Hawaii
Being familiar with some basic welding techniques can help you hire the best professional for the job you need to get done. Welding is a tedious and delicate task that requires more ...read more
How Does Welding Work & What Are the Different Types? , Ewa, Hawaii
Often recognized by the idiosyncratic face mask and acetylene torch, a welder’s job is to fuse metal parts together by heating them up to their melting points, and then hammerin...read more
3 Ways to Tell If Your Car Needs an Auto Paint Job, Ewa, Hawaii
Your vehicle is more than a tool to get you from point A to point B—it’s a reflection of you, your style, and personality. As such, it’s essential to keep your car in optimal conditi...read more
What Counts as "Heavy Equipment"?, Ewa, Hawaii
Heavy equipment refers to large vehicles used in the construction and demolition industries. To use this machinery, training and experience are required, as each vehicle is manufactu...read more
Why You Should Choose Equipment Rental for Your Next Project, Ewa, Hawaii
As a contractor, you may be faced with the decision of whether to rent or purchase heavy equipment for your next project. While the prospect of buying and owning equipment to us...read more
How Can Welding Be Used in Various Industries?, Ewa, Hawaii
As a stalwart technique for joining metal, welding is one of the oldest methods of fabrication. Over time, a number of related techniques have been developed, and the method&nbs...read more
The Benefits of Regular Forklift Service & Repairs, Ewa, Hawaii
If you run a business that uses forklifts in its day-to-day operations, it’s important to schedule regular forklift service and repairs. By staying on top of necessary forklift maint...read more
Top Tips for Maintaining Your Heavy Equipment, Ewa, Hawaii
Whether you use forklifts, pallet jacks, or dump trucks, keeping your heavy equipment properly maintained isn’t just essential for finishing your work effectively—it also plays a hug...read more
Renting Heavy Equipment? Go Local Instead of Commercial, Ewa, Hawaii
Whether it's an excavator digging through a construction site or a forklift moving products in a wholesale warehouse, almost every industry utilizes heavy equipment at one ...read more
3 Signs You May Need Fencing Repairs, From The Island's Best Welders, Ewa, Hawaii
A solid fence is one of the simplest and most effective security measures you can have, but only if it's well-maintained. Lee's Welding, one of Waipahu, HI's most affordable and effi...read more
5 Ways to Extend the Life of Heavy Equipment & Ensure Your Workers’ Safety, Ewa, Hawaii
Heavy equipment has the potential to be hazardous if not operated correctly, so keeping it in good working order is a logical precaution. Contractors' Equipment & Service Corp&nb...read more
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