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Cincinnati, OH Furniture Repair and Refinishing

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Don’t Buy New When You Can Restore Furniture Instead, Cincinnati, Ohio
Perhaps you’ve noticed the vintage trend taking over virtually everything within recent years. From clothing to home décor, everyone seems to be falling in love with pieces originating from another time. If you have a piece of antique more
3 Benefits of Purchasing Custom Upholstery for Your Furniture, Sycamore, Ohio
If you’re tired of staring at that old, unsightly sofa or chair, or you want to give your living room a makeover, investing in custom upholstery is a great way to do so. Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair in more
Cincinnati, OH Furniture Repair and Refinishing Businesses
Tri-County Furniture Restoration, Upholstering, Antique Restoration, Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Cincinnati, Ohio
131 Barron Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(513) 771-6389
For more than 36 years, Tri-County Furniture Restoration has been providing bedroom set restoration, dining room restoration, table restoration, and commercial furniture restoration to clients throughout Cincinnati. The company stay...
Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair, Furniture, Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Furniture Repair, Cincinnati, Ohio
4554 Kugler Mill Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Few things are as satisfying as restoring a worn piece of furniture and making it like new again—especially when that sofa, arm chair, or desk holds sentimental value. At Lines Circles & Angles Custom Upholstery & Repair in ...
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5 Tell-Tale Signs a Sofa Needs Furniture Repair, Sycamore, Ohio
An old, faded couch or sofa doesn’t just detract from the overall aesthetic of your home, it can also compromise your comfort. For these reasons, the professionals from Lines Circle more
Spruce Up Your Antique Furniture at Tri-County Furniture Restoration, Cincinnati, Ohio
The antique furniture in your home is precious, and it may be a significant investment. But to retain their value, each piece must meet a standard of cleanliness more
Dispose of vs. Restore Furniture: Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Wood Pieces You Love, Cincinnati, Ohio
Do you have old, scuffed wood furniture you love and can’t part with? You don’t have to get rid of it. According to the experts at Tri-County Furniture Restoration, more
5 Tips for Maintaining Antique Furniture, Sycamore, Ohio
Keeping your antique furniture in good shape is essential to preserving both its aesthetic charm as well as its value. The experts at Lines Circles & Angles more
5 Easy Ways to Protect Furniture From Pets, Sycamore, Ohio
We love our pets no matter what, even when they’re less than kind to our furniture. But owning a pet doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to own nice sofas and chairs too. Below, the more
Using Complementary Upholstery Fabric to Match Your Furniture to a Remodeling Project, Cincinnati, Ohio
Are you in the middle of a remodeling project and trying to choose furniture for your new space? It can be difficult to find furniture that is good quality, adds seamless style, and more
3 Surprising Benefits of Furniture Restoration, Cincinnati, Ohio
You love your furniture, and you want it to last as long as possible, but time can take its toll. When your favorite sofa becomes outdated or damaged, you don’t have to replace it. more
Furniture Restoration vs. Refinishing—Do You Know the Difference?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Your furniture gets used—a lot. From kids and pets playing around the home to inheriting an antique that’s seen better days, your furnishings could use some more
The Difference Between Furniture Restoration & Refinishing, Cincinnati, Ohio
Your home’s furniture sees a lot of use. If you’ve noticed a buildup of watermarks, scratches, and chips marring the surface of your favorite furniture, it may be time to consider more
3 Reasons to Choose Furniture Restoration Over Replacement, Cincinnati, Ohio
If your furniture is looking more shabby than chic, you may be planning on purchasing new pieces. However, selecting new furnishings can be costly and time-consuming. Furniture more
5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Furniture Stripping, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether it's a grand dining table or a quaint vanity, old furniture evokes a quiet charm that begs to be restored. If you have furniture that's seen better days and would like more
Should You Refinish Your Wooden Furniture? How to Decide, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether you’ve been thrift shopping for secondhand finds or holding onto an antique family heirloom, refinishing wooden furniture can be a rewarding project. However, not all pieces more
Spruce Up Your Home Office With Table Restoration Services, Cincinnati, Ohio
Your home office is an important space. It’s the place where you get things done, whether you work from home full time or just pay monthly bills at your desk. So you want your home more
Furniture Restoration: Refinish Pieces to Match Your Home’s Style, Cincinnati, Ohio
The right furniture pieces can gracefully complement the style of your home. If your furniture needs a style upgrade, don’t throw out your existing pieces just yet. Whether you’ more
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