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How You Can Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder at Fur Rondy, Anchorage, Alaska
Seasonal affective disorder is a psychology term referring to depression that occurs during the autumn and winter seasons due to the shortening of the days and the lack of sunlight. The most common treatment for SAD is light therapy; more
Anchorage Clinic Share 5 Common Health Issues You Shouldn't Ignore, Anchorage, Alaska
While most people know to visit their doctor for annual checkups or when they’re feeling ill; some symptoms make them wonder whether they need to seek urgent care. Patients First Medical Clinic has more than 100 more
Anchorage, AK Medical Clinics Businesses
First Care Medical Centers, LLC., Health Clinics, Urgent Care Centers, Medical Clinics, Anchorage, Alaska
1301 Huffman Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99515
(907) 345-1199
When it comes to finding dedicated medical and urgent care and associated services, residents of Anchorage, AK, have come to rely on the caring approach they find at First Care Medical Centers. This clinic, which is equipped with th...
Patients First Medical Clinic, Primary Care Doctors, Urgent Care Centers, Medical Clinics, Anchorage, Alaska
6307 Debarr Rd, Ste C
Anchorage, AK 99504
At Patients First Medical Clinic, “patients first” is more than just their name; it’s their mission. Located in Anchorage, AK, the staff at this medical clinic has more than 150 years of combined experience providing quality health care ...
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Why You Need a Yearly Checkup With Your Women's Health Doctor, Anchorage, Alaska
Caring for your body is one of the most important things you can do to improve the length and quality of your life. Eating healthy foods, getting exercise each day, and visiting more
What to Look for in a Family Medical Clinic, Anchorage, Alaska
When it comes to protecting your family’s well-being, having access to the best health care providers can make all the difference. That’s why it’s critical to choose a medical more
Local Doctor Shares 3 Supplements to Help With Arthritis, Anchorage, Alaska
Arthritis can be crippling to live with, leaving you with constant pain. It affects all aspects of your life, but there are steps you can take to alleviate it. According to the more
Anchorage Urgent Care Provider Shares 5 Strategies for Sore Throat Prevention, Anchorage, Alaska
From the cold virus to strep bacteria, there are all kinds of wintertime germs that can increase your risk of getting a sore throat. And, while it may not be possible to block these more
Medical Clinic Shares Everything You Need to Know About Sinus Infections, Anchorage, Alaska
A sinus infection, or sinusitis, refers to the inflammation of air cavities within the nasal passages. When they become blocked and filled with fluid, a bacterial more
A Medical Clinic Shares 4 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Flu Shot This Season, Anchorage, Alaska
If you’ve noticed more people sniffling than usual, it’s a sign that flu season has arrived along with fall. First Care Medical Centers recommends that Alaska residents protect more
4 Reasons Annual Physicals Are So Important, Anchorage, Alaska
Some people assume you should only visit the doctor when you’re sick. First Care Medical Centers is a walk-in clinic in Anchorage, AK, that wants to use their 35 years of experience more
A Comprehensive Guide to Ear Infections From Your Favorite Medical Clinic, Anchorage, Alaska
When your ear develops a bacterial or viral infection, the pain can be debilitating. If ear pain is preventing you from going to work or completing the tasks that you need to get more
An Anchorage Medical Clinic Shares 5 Easy Ways to Boost Back-to-School Health  , Anchorage, Alaska
Back-to-school season is a busy time for both parents and children, but while there may be many things on your to-do list, it’s essential to keep health in mind. Fortunately, First more
A Medical Clinic Shares 5 Keys to Preventing Sports Injuries, Anchorage, Alaska
Sports injuries aren’t just painful—they also keep you from participating in the athletic activities you love. That’s why the team at First Care Medical Centers, offering sports more
3 Tips for Staying Safe & Avoiding Urgent Care at this Year’s State Fair, Anchorage, Alaska
From experiencing thrilling rides to viewing cute baby animals and chowing down on delicious food—a state fair is full of fantastic activities that the entire family can enjoy. more
Why You Should Get a Flu Shot the Next Time You Visit a Health Clinic, Anchorage, Alaska
The next time you visit a health clinic, ask about getting a flu shot. At Patients First Medical Clinic, in Anchorage, AK, the doctors will be glad to explain the benefits of doing more
The Importance of Back to School Physicals & Immunizations, Anchorage, Alaska
As you prepare your children for another school year, prioritize their health and plan a physical or any necessary immunizations. When it comes to preemptive medical care, there’s more
Medical Clinic Discusses 5 of Their Top Services, Anchorage, Alaska
Your health is of the utmost importance, which is why the medical professionals from Patients First Medical Clinic in Anchorage, AK, specialize in a wide range of fast and more
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