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5 Reasons a Fence Installation Will Increase Your Property Value, Somers, Montana
Did you know that installing a fence could increase your property value? While some owners may consider painting the house or remodeling as a much better solution, choosing to erect a fence is actually one of the simplest ways to add to ...read more
4 Benefits of Commercial Fencing , Somers, Montana
If you have a fence around your yard at home, you know how valuable it can be. Those same benefits apply to businesses. Whether you’re constructing a new building or looking to improve an existing one, consider adding commercial fencing....read more
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Boundary Line Fence , Fences & Gates, Fencing, Somers , Montana
(406) 309-5010
Fences not only secure and delineate a property, but they also enhance its market value. Families can enjoy fun moments in the comfort of their own yard with a privacy fence, while animals in a farm or ranch can be contained and confined...
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3 Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing, Somers, Montana
There are many different fencing materials available for residential construction, and there’s an assortment of information that comes along with these options. As a homeowner, it’s ...read more
The Benefits of Metal Fencing Vs. Wooden Fencing, Somers, Montana
The right fencing can do wonders for your property — it not only will provide privacy and security but enhance the appearance of your yard and even boost your home’s value....read more
3 Questions You Should Ask a Professional Before Mailbox Installation, Somers, Montana
Whether you’re building a new home or your old mailbox has seen better days, it might be time for you to get mailbox installation. But how do you go about finding a qualified profess...read more
3 Reasons to Trust Pro Fencing Contractors for Installation & Additional Work, Somers, Montana
For many homeowners, taking the do-it-yourself approach to installing or repairing property barriers seems like a cost-effective solution. But if the job isn’t done correctly, hiring...read more
4 Factors to Consider Before Building a Fence, Somers, Montana
Fences serve many purposes, providing your property with beauty and function at the same time. Boundary Line Fence offers a large variety of fencing options to residents of Somers, M...read more
Update Your Home’s Fence With One of These 3 Design Ideas, Somers, Montana
If you are thinking about adding a fence around your home, you should know you have plenty of design options to choose from. At Boundary Line Fence, they help homeowners throughout B...read more
How Your Fence Can Affect Your Property's Worth, Somers, Montana
Many homeowners wonder how much their fence affects their property’s worth. Your properties worth can be raised significantly by quality fencing. Boundary Line Fence of Som...read more
3 Ways a Fence Helps Protect Your Loved Ones, Somers, Montana
Fencing keeps hazards out—but it also keeps important things in. If you have children or pets, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. One of the best ways to do that on you...read more
How to Choose the Right Type of Fence for Your Needs, Somers, Montana
Whether you’re installing a brand new fence or looking to replace an old one, it’s important to understand your needs before you make the selection. Boundary Line Fenc...read more
3 Reasons Hiring a Professional to Install Your Fence Is Best, Somers, Montana
Adding a fence to your home or business can offer security and drive the value of your property up, but only if done correctly. Fences that aren’t installed by an experienced fencing...read more
Boundary Line Fence's Top 3 Winter Maintenance Tips, Somers, Montana
Whether it’s for security or ornamentation, a fence is only effective if it’s in good condition. As the days get darker and temperatures drop, there’s only a few more weeks before wi...read more
Find the Perfect Fence for Your Property Needs, Somers, Montana
While it may seem like a no-brainer, your choice in property fencing relies on a number of factors regarding the needs of both your home and your family. Boundary Line Fence understa...read more
What Are the Benefits of Metal Vs. Wooden Fencing?, Somers, Montana
If you’ve decided to install a fence on your property, you may find yourself deciding between metal and wooden fencing. The fencing contractors at Boundary Line Fence, serving Somers...read more
What Is a Game Fence, & Why Do You Need One?, Somers, Montana
For residents and property owners in the Greater Flathead Valley of Montana, maintaining proper boundaries is important for safety and privacy. Boundary Line Fence Company has been p...read more
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