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rats and flies experience from B & W Peat Control, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time between 1978 and present, B & W was on a call to a home for rats and mice. Upon getting a lay out of the problem, we knew the attic needed to be treated as well as inside the home. A few days later, we received a more
B&W PEST CONTROL Roaches in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time, B & W was called to a home because of roaches. When the owner answered the door and we went in, the roach droppings odor was a sure sign of a HEAVY infestation. As the door opened, roaches fell from around the more
Skyland Park, AL Pest Control and Exterminating Businesses
B & W Pest Control, Exterminators, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itse...
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one pest control story from B& W Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
On one occasion long ago, We went to a trailer home. We were called because of roaches and mice. It was left open for us as they would be at work. B & W likes to start in more
Why You Should Hire a Professional to Get Rid of Cockroaches, Mobile, Alabama
Cockroaches are a pain to have around, but they’re also a pain to remove. DIY attempts often fail, which is why you should depend on a team of experts to eliminate them for good. If more
B&WPestControl dealing with pests, Mobile, Alabama
Every insect has its own way of surviving as we all know. The trick to winning the battle, since there is a never ending source, we use what is best, the longest lasting. odorless, more
Why pest control in warm climates. fleas, Mobile, Alabama
With all living things whether they are fleas, roaches, bed bugs, or humans, the environment dictates what the species availability to survive or how well it survives. Freezing more
do mice and rats carry disease???, Mobile, Alabama
Can they? The Bubonic Plague was the result of rats carrying fleas and the fleas bit the people, thus infecting the person. Rats and mice do not have a bladder, therefore they more
pest conttrol and home owner with roaches, Mobile, Alabama
There are a lot of brands of roach “spray” on the market. Can the home owner win a battle with a roach infestation?????? Maybe, but a high cost in $$$$$$.  The odds are not in more
Alabama Exterminator Shares 3 Factors That Attract Fleas & Ticks, Mobile, Alabama
More often than not, fleas and ticks find their way into homes by way of host animals like dogs, cats, rats, and other rodents. To help prevent their presence in your residence, B & more
calls for roach info and price, Mobile, Alabama
We get calls from people needing roach control from an exterminator. Since we price over the phone, we can price and give what is needed for their individual situation. We’ll first more
Why do I have more ants in rainey weather, Mobile, Alabama
On hard rains over a period of time, ants home is flooded. Where can we go? UP is the most logical. Once the ants reach better shelter, they may choose to stay. Exterminators with more
BED BUGS   B & W PEST CONTROL, Mobile, Alabama
What makes bed bugs hard to get rid of????? Exterminating for these and most other pests, is dealing with mother nature. Knowing the life cycle and habits of the targeted subject, more
How to Deal With Mice & Rats in Your Home, Mobile, Alabama
Mice and rats are one of the most destructive, disgusting household pests that can invade your home, destroying wiring and breaking into your cupboards. To make matters worse, they more
fleas / exterminator, Mobile, Alabama
Fleas can be a tough challenge. Homeowners who try to exterminate can often spend a lot of money with no results. Pest control by a professional is easier on your pocket book and more
Problem With Ants? Here Are the Steps to Take, Mobile, Alabama
Treating an ant problem involves more than spraying all the visible ants in and around your home. According to B & W Pest Control — an exterminator service for the Gulf more
Pest control trivia  roaches, Mobile, Alabama
B&W Pest Control only uses chemicals and methods approved by the state and federal guide lines. One of them gives the amount of chemical per gallon of water.  If one uses a more
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