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Situations in Which a Family Law Attorney Can Help, Honolulu, Hawaii
Going through a divorce, negotiating child custody arrangements, and many other legal matters impact some of the most important and intimate relationships in people’s lives. Rather than navigating these difficult situations alone, it’s b...read more
Understanding Your Paternity Rights During a Divorce, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you are a father facing a divorce in Honolulu, you no doubt have questions regarding to your paternity rights. In this case, the team of attorneys at Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC pledge to provide skilled legal guidance on al...read more
Honolulu, HI Divorce and Family Attorneys Businesses
Kleintop & Luria LLP, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Family Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
841 Bishop St Suite 480
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 524-5183
When you have a specific legal issue, why turn to a general practice law firm? The attorneys at Kleintop & Luria LLP focus solely on family law, which allows them to provide the comprehensive representation their clients deserve...
Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC, Child Custody Law, Divorce Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Honolulu, Hawaii
733 Bishop Street Suite 1101
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 545-1331
Family law experience and ohana run deep at Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC in Honolulu, HI. This family-owned local law firm offers more than 35 years of expertise to clients who need child support, a divorce lawyer, or other fami...
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4 FAQs About Divorce Answered, Honolulu, Hawaii
Even seemingly straightforward divorces come with a multitude of complex details. That’s why working with a skilled and knowledgeable legal team is so important. In Honolul...read more
A Family Law Attorney Discusses 3 Types of Child Custody Arrangements, Honolulu, Hawaii
While many family law matters can be complicated and intense, perhaps none is more complex and stressful than child custody. In addition to the obvious emotional aspects of child cus...read more
What Happens During a Divorce Without a Prenuptial Agreement?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Similar to wills, prenuptial agreements control property division when a marriage ends with one person passing away or in divorce.  But what happens when a couple divorces witho...read more
Potential Consequences for Non-Payment of Child Support , Honolulu, Hawaii
Unless mutually agreed upon by two parents, child support is a court-ordered obligation that falls on the non-custodial parent. Should they fail to make scheduled payments, they...read more
3 Essential Traits to Look for in a Family Law Attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you are facing divorce proceedings or a contentious custody battle, there’s plenty at stake, and you don’t want to leave personal or financial interests in the hands of an ...read more
Honolulu Divorce Law Attorney Shares What You Should Know About Family Court, Honolulu, Hawaii
In the State of Hawaii, Family Court aims to resolve legal issues that involve guardianship, child support, divorce, paternity, domestic violence, and adoption.  Regardless of y...read more
4 Things to Consider Before Meeting With a Family Law Attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii
Meeting a family law attorney for the first time can be an emotional and intimidating experience. Painful issues like divorce and child custody are difficult to face, but if you’re w...read more
Family Law Attorney Explains the Legal Aspects Of Surrogacy , Honolulu, Hawaii
Surrogacy can be a meaningful way for couples who cannot conceive through other means to have a child of their own. The process can be extremely complex, however, and even with exten...read more
What Is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order? Honolulu Attorneys Explain, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dividing assets is one of the most challenging and contentious aspects of getting a divorce, especially for couples who have accumulated significant investments and retirement accoun...read more
5 Benefits of a Premarital Agreement, From Honolulu's Top Family Law Firm, Honolulu, Hawaii
To many people, premarital agreements are reserved for wealthy individuals who want to protect their assets and investments. However, they also offer compelling advantages to&nb...read more
5 Major Points People Get Wrong About Child Support, Honolulu, Hawaii
Court-ordered child support payments are intended to compensate children’s custodial parents for the basic living expenses, education, and health care of the child. This can be a dif...read more
When to Hire a Family Law Attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii
A family law attorney provides legal advice and representation in cases relating to familial issues, including divorce, child support and custody, adoption and guardianship, emancipa...read more
Divorce Law 101: What Is an Uncontested Divorce?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Getting a divorce means resolving a variety of critical issues, including everything from dividing up retirement accounts to figuring out where the children are going to live. While ...read more
The 5 Parts of Child Support Calculations, Honolulu, Hawaii
Figuring out how much child support to seek can be a tricky undertaking, and there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. In order to find the amount most appropri...read more
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