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3 Factors to Consider When Getting Remarried After Divorce, Amsterdam, New York
Getting married is always an exciting journey. However, as you begin the next step of your life, there are a lot of things to consider. Marriage is a complex legal relationship that impacts your finances, inheritance plans, and almost ev...read more
4 FAQs for Family Law Attorneys , Amsterdam, New York
Whether you are filing for divorce or planning to adopt a child, you will first need to enlist a qualified family law attorney. Understandably, throughout the process, many questions may arise. The professionals from the office of S...read more
Montgomery, NY Divorce and Family Attorneys Businesses
Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, Family Attorneys, Child Custody Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Amsterdam, New York
177 Wallins Corners Rd.
Amsterdam, NY 12010
The law practice of Sherri L. Vertucci, Attorney, in Amsterdam, NY, is devoted to matrimonial and family law. Since 1999, the office has represented individuals in a wide range of domestic relations matters, drawing on the attorney’s 25 ...
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5 FAQs: What to Do If You’ve Been Served With Divorce Papers, Amsterdam, New York
Whether it was expected or not, finding yourself being formally served with divorce papers is a jarring experience. In the face of this shock, it can be difficult to know exactl...read more
5 Steps for Creating a Prenuptial Agreement , Amsterdam, New York
No two prenuptial agreements are the same because no two couples are the same; however, all prenups call for the same considerations when soon-to-be spouses are drafting them. If you...read more
Guide to Legal Separation in New York, Amsterdam, New York
If you are unhappy in your marriage, you have a few choices for ending the relationship in the state of New York. Divorce is one of the most common approaches, but legal separation i...read more
5 Keys to Creating a Prenuptial Agreement, Amsterdam, New York
A prenuptial agreement may not be necessary for young 20-somethings who have very little in the way of money or property. On the other hand, many people who are getting married later...read more
What Are the Pros & Cons of Legal Separation?, Amsterdam, New York
If you are unhappy in your marriage, divorce is not necessarily your only option for ending the relationship. Depending on your particular situation, you and your spouse may opt for ...read more
Family Law: What Legal Rights Do Unmarried Parents Have?, Amsterdam, New York
While determining family law issues can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances, it can be even more challenging when the parents are unmarried. In Amsterdam, NY, She...read more
How Does a Family Law Judge Calculate Child Support in New York?, Amsterdam, New York
If you’re currently going through a contentious child custody battle, you may wonder what your child support arrangement will be once everything is resolved. To discuss possible outc...read more
Family Law: Is a Child’s Opinion Considered in a Custody Case? , Amsterdam, New York
Parents going through a divorce typically wonder about their children’s involvement in the process. One question that arises frequently is whether a child’s opinion matters in a cust...read more
5 Common Family Law Disputes Handled in Court, Amsterdam, New York
Many disputes can arise within families, which is why family law has its own legal designation. There are a number of cases associated with family law, according to the team at Sherr...read more
Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney, Amsterdam, New York
For couples facing divorce in Amsterdam, NY, working with a seasoned attorney is crucial. After all, divorce proceedings can be complex, and without the right legal support, you...read more
How to Create a Strong Prenuptial Agreement, Amsterdam, New York
Before you get married, you should consider creating a prenuptial agreement to protect yourself and your future spouse. New York State family law offers guidelines for property ...read more
5 Keys to Creating a Prenuptial Agreement, Amsterdam, New York
Many people who are getting married later in life or for the second time have property they want to protect in case of divorce or legal separation. It can be difficult...read more
How to Get an Annulment: Amsterdam Divorce Attorney Explains, Amsterdam, New York
An annulment legally ends a marriage in the same way a divorce does, but with one major difference. An annulment voids the marriage entirely, which means, from a legal standpoint, th...read more
3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer, Amsterdam, New York
For couples starting the divorce process, there are often many aspects of family law that are unclear or difficult to understand. To get the most out of your relationship with your d...read more
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