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By Doctor Arnaldo Liechtenstein Dr. Liechtenstein responded to his medical students that it is not the Head tumor or Alzheimer's symptoms that generates confusion in the elderly. Three most common responsible causes: Uncontrolled Diab...read more
Understand wandering and how to address it, Frontenac, Missouri
  I found a resource on Mayo Clinic to understand Wandering or getting lost is common among people with dementia. Read more.. There are many reasons why a person who has Alzheimer's might wander, including: Searching. Get lost wh...read more
St. Charles, MO Elder Care Businesses
Memory Care Home Solutions, Home Health Care, Elder Care, Alzheimer's Care, Saint Louis, Missouri
4389 West Pine Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63108
Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are difficult conditions, but thanks to the caregiver training programs at Memory Care Home Solutions, they can all be navigated comfortably at home. Located in Saint Louis, MO, Me...
Deer Valley Home Health Services, Senior Services, Disability Resources, Elder Care, St. Charles, Missouri
516 S. 5th Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
A great in-home care provider can help seniors live happier and healthier lives, not only handling practical tasks but also offering valuable companionship. Deer Valley Home Health Services delivers a broad spectrum of quality home healt...
Senior Age Care of St. Louis, Alzheimer's Care, Senior Services, Elder Care, Saint Louis, Missouri
(314) 375-5944
As your parent or loved one gets older, they may be able to live independently, yet require some extra assistance. Hiring a qualified home caregiver is the perfect solution to ensure they have the service and attention they need. Th...
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5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Caregiver, St. Charles, Missouri
In most cases, being a senior caregiver is a full-time job. In the process of ensuring your loved one is healthy and that your other responsibilities are fulfilled, you may...read more
3 Reasons Rehabilitation Is So Important for Seniors, Frontenac, Missouri
Rehabilitation after an injury, illness, or surgical procedure is critical for individuals of all ages. For elderly loved ones, however, the process plays an even more significa...read more
The Benefits of Technology in Assisted Living, St. Charles, Missouri
Caring for an aging loved one is a rewarding but challenging task, which makes assisted living an invaluable service. Increasingly, caregivers are implementing technology into t...read more
3 Signs That Could Point to an Early Onset of Alzheimer’s, St. Louis, Missouri
If you’re caring for an elderly loved one, you may be concerned about them developing Alzheimer’s disease. This condition is one that progresses, making it crucial to keep ...read more
Laugh Your Way To A Better Health, Frontenac, Missouri
Science is beginning to show how laughter benefits our mental and physical health. Researcher Emma Seppälä outlines some key benefits, and Mindful suggests tips for getting your "LOL...read more
Debunking 5 Common Myths About Senior Home Health Care, St. Charles, Missouri
When searching for an in-home care provider for a loved one, you want to find the very best. However, the decision isn’t always easy when countless misconceptions surround ...read more
What You Should Know About Caregiver Expenses & Tax Deductions, St. Charles, Missouri
Hiring a caregiver for an aging loved one can be an investment, and for some, a source of financial stress. Fortunately, you can decrease costs by taking advantage of ...read more
How to Make it to Your 100th Birthday & Enjoy Every Minute, Frontenac, Missouri
There was a time when reaching a 100th birthday was a rare and unusual occurrence. However, recent improvements in medicine and elder care have helped to drastically improve life exp...read more
How to Achieve Life Balance as a Caregiver, St. Charles, Missouri
If you have been entrusted with the care of an ill, disabled, or aging loved one, you’re not alone. In the United States, more than 65 million people spend an average of 20 hour...read more
Cognitive Fitness Dancing, Frontenac, Missouri
Cognitive Fitness  Fortunately, with dance, we can enhance our mental fitness, according to research published in “Frontiers In Aging Neuroscience” in 2013. this was showed that...read more
Holiday Cheer, Frontenac, Missouri
Happines for me, is a mix of shape of a daily life with many parts.What I looking for the next year 2018 is accomplish dailiness, with work, exercise,singing and all above time with ...read more
How Caregiver Training Offers Families Hope, St. Louis, Missouri
Informal caregivers are unpaid family members and friends who provide health and personal care to a child or adult. About 40 million people in the U.S. offer assistance to an adult w...read more
What Being a Caregiver Truly Involves, St. Charles, Missouri
Caregivers fill many roles for those in need. Whether your loved one recently had surgery or has an illness, they will benefit greatly from professional assistance on a daily basis.&...read more
Honoring Mr. Shower, Frontenac, Missouri
Honoring Mr. Shawer We are spending a happy time helping Mr. Shower, who is 102 years old. We assisted Mr. Shower with cleaning up his backyard. We where assisted by Gund Company an...read more
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