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5 Ways Winter Affects New & Used Tires , Lincoln, Nebraska
When temperatures begin to drop, seeing the low-pressure light on your dashboard is a common occurrence. Winter can affect pressure in both brand-new and used tires because cold weather increases the air density inside. That isn’t the more
Lincoln Auto Repair Shop Shares 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore the Check Engine Light, Lincoln, Nebraska
When the check engine light comes on, many people dread bringing their vehicle to the local auto repair shop. But the auto diagnostic experts at Dirk’s Auto Repair, based in Lincoln, NE, have seen what happens when you ignore the light— more
Lincoln, NE Auto Repair Businesses
Transmission Services, Auto Repair, Automotive Repair, Transmission Repair, Lincoln, Nebraska
2000 Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE 68521
Your transmission is an integral part of your vehicle, which is why, when you’re in need of transmission maintenance or repairs, it’s important to invest in the services of a company you can trust. Because of this, Transmission Services ...
Hillis 66 Service, Auto Maintenance, Auto Body, Auto Repair, Lincoln, Nebraska
600 South St.
Lincoln, NE 68502
The best vehicle maintenance is typically provided by auto shops with years of experience, and Hillis 66 Service has been providing high-quality car care for over 40 years. The facility's mechanics have successfully tackled both big and ...
Dirk's Auto Repair, Mechanics, Auto Care, Auto Repair, Lincoln, Nebraska
4209 Progressive Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 466-6010
When your car is in need of a tune-up, do you scramble to find decent auto repair services or do you head straight to the most trusted car repair shop in town? Dirk's Auto Repair is that go-to auto repair and service shop in the Lincoln,...
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What Is Tire Rotation & Why Should You Do It?, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re a new car owner, you’ve probably discovered a bit of a learning curve. You must remember to take care of basic maintenance tasks, whether it’s changing your oil or more
Lincoln Car Care Experts Share 4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Transmission, Lincoln, Nebraska
A new transmission could put a dent in your wallet. Failing to take proper care of this vital component of your vehicle could leave you stranded and facing costly repairs. The more
Auto Repair Shop Shares 4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your AC Running, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, it’s never good news when your car’s air conditioning stops running. In fact, Dirk’s Auto Repair in Lincoln, NE, says more
5 Tips for Finding the Best Auto Shop for Your Car, Lincoln, Nebraska
You rely on your car every day, but when it breaks, finding someone to fix the problem quickly can be difficult. You want to find an auto shop you can trust—especially one that’ more
Lincoln's Top Auto Repair Shop Explains Why Your Transmission Is Slipping, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your vehicle’s manual transmission is designed to stay in gear until you shift it. When the system starts slipping, or moving up or down on its own, the car may be difficult and more
Auto Repair Shop Discusses 3 Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Manual Transmission, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many drivers believe that using a manual transmission makes them more involved in the driving process. They enjoy being in control of the gears, feeling the engine respond, more
How to Ensure Your Transmission Rebuild Is Done Right, Lincoln, Nebraska
When you shop your car around to request estimates for a transmission rebuild, you are likely to see a wide variety of price points. You might be tempted to jump on the more
Auto Services Experts Share 3 Signs It's Time for an Oil Change, Lincoln, Nebraska
Fall is a great time of year to get some auto services done to ensure your vehicle is running properly all winter long. If you’ve noticed your car isn’t running as it should, more
5 Simple Auto Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska
Auto maintenance is important year-round, but it’s even more critical when the winter sets in. Under normal circumstances, experiencing car trouble may be a nuisance at best. But more
3 Benefits of Buying Used Tires, Lincoln, Nebraska
Take a look at your car tires. Do you notice any cracks or bald spots? Maybe the last time you took a drive, your car had major vibrations. According to Hillis 66 Service in Lincoln, more
3 Factors to Help You Decide if You Need Transmission Repair or Replacement, Lincoln, Nebraska
A car transmission serves an important purpose, allowing the engine to operate at its various range of speeds. Signs of trouble can vary from subtle to severe, which is why it can more
Tire Rotation vs. Wheel Alignment: Which Do You Need?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Tires affect more than how your car handles on the road; they also impact its engine performance and fuel efficiency. Hillis 66 Service in Lincoln, NE, more
4 Signs You Need New Tires, Lincoln, Nebraska
Just like your favorite pair of shoes, the tires on your car will eventually get old and worn down. Unlike your cherished pair of sneakers, a flat can leave you stranded in the more
How Are Reused, Rebuilt, & Remanufactured Transmissions Different?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When your vehicle’s transmission is failing, you may have no choice but to either restore or replace it. However, since there are a few different ways to get it back on track, more
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