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What Can I Expect From a Child Custody Case?, Granville, Ohio
When it comes to family, child custody cases can be some of the most complex to navigate. Preparing for a custody court date can help your odds; not only will you have answers ready for possible questions, but you will also feel more
What Is a Dissolution of Marriage?, Granville, Ohio
In some states, dissolution of marriage is a term interchangeable with divorce; they are essentially the same. Ohio, however, recognizes some differences between the two, though both achieve the same goal of effectively ending a more
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Vernau Law LLC, Family Law, Child Custody Law, Attorneys, Granville, Ohio
230 E Broadway Suite 100
Granville, OH 43023
If you are getting a divorce or separation and want to protect your best interests, turn to Vernau Law LLC. Located in Granville, OH, this law firm has been serving clients throughout Knox, Licking, Muskingum, and Franklin counties for m...
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3 Common Types of Family Law Cases, Granville, Ohio
Family law is a practice area related to the legal aspects of domestic relationships. There are many different cases that belong to this category, so it’s important to know how more
Common Questions Concerning Probate , Granville, Ohio
Probate can be a complex topic to understand. Whether you’re drafting an estate plan or taking care of a loved one’s wishes after they’ve passed, it’s important to learn about this more
What to Expect After Filing for Divorce, Granville, Ohio
Filing for divorce is almost always an emotionally painful, difficult experience, but it’s also a complex legal process, the outcome of which can determine the trajectory of the more
3 Reasons to Revise Your Estate Planning Documents, Granville, Ohio
If your estate planning file has been sitting in a drawer for years, the documents may not reflect your life accurately. While many people believe they only need to draft these more
3 Reasons You Should Make Estate Planning a Priority, Granville, Ohio
Discussing what will happen to your family after your death can be difficult, but an effective estate planning strategy ensures their needs will be met. The team more
What Are the Steps of the Probate Process?, Granville, Ohio
Most people will go through the probate process at some point in their lives because they will be named as either a beneficiary or the executor of a loved one’s estate. Legal jargon more
When You're Going Through a Divorce, Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes, Granville, Ohio
A divorce typically comes with intense emotional baggage, and you might grapple with anger, grief, outrage, and even relief during the process. But such extreme feelings might cause more
5 Fundamental Steps of Estate Planning You Should Complete Now, Granville, Ohio
Estate planning might not seem like an urgent matter if you don't own property and are reasonably healthy. However, disaster can strike anyone, so a well-written will is essential. more
How to Discuss Divorce With Children of Various Ages, Granville, Ohio
As difficult and complex as a divorce is for you and your spouse, it is just as hard for your children. This is a major change that will affect many aspects of their lives, and it's more
3 Ways Your Child Custody Case Will Benefit From an Attorney's Services, Granville, Ohio
Few issues in a divorce are as important or likely to cause lengthy disputes as child custody arrangements. These decisions have a dramatic impact on your child’s life as well more
5 Crucial Reasons to Meet With an Estate Planning Lawyer , Granville, Ohio
Although no one wants to confront their mortality, drafting an estate plan will ensure your family is taken care of in the future. If you want to discuss your financial situation more
An Ohio Lawyer Explains Divorce, Dissolution, & Legal Separation, Granville, Ohio
Ending a marriage already is a complicated process, and there are several ways to do it. In Ohio, there are three options: divorce, dissolution, and legal separation. Vernau Law LLC, more
5 Ways to Better Your Chances for Child Custody, Granville, Ohio
No parent wants to lose custody of their child, but for many adults in the midst of a divorce or nasty breakup, that’s exactly what happens. According to the family law lawyers more
Prenuptial Vs. Postnuptial Agreements: A Lawyer Explains the Differences, Granville, Ohio
With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, there has been a surge of interest in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. But what kinds of protections do these contracts more
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