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How Leadership Training Boosts Employee Engagement, Sedalia, Colorado
Changes are often implemented from the top down. This makes sense because effective leaders can motivate employees to do a better job. This, in turn, boosts the company’s performance. However, ineffective individuals can’t produce more
How Smart Does Your Team Have To Be?, Sedalia, Colorado
(Please note that there is a free workshop offer you can attend at the bottom of this article.) Recently, there was an article on CNBC with Suzy Welch in which she interviewed Jeff Bezos. She asked him what he looked for in people to more
Westridge, CO Adult and Continuing Education Businesses
Colorado Leadership Institute | Crestcom, Career Training, Continuing Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
(720) 515-8081
Profit doesn’t appear by itself; people make it happen. Invest in your business’s greatest asset, your team, with transformational management training from Colorado Leadership Institute. The Denver branch of renowned leadership developme...
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3 Steps to Improving Generational Interactions, Sedalia, Colorado
At the company that I spent the most time with (15 years), I had 34 manager changes and 33 different managers during that time. Just curious if anyone can do better than that? One more
How to Fix Those "Other" Generations, Sedalia, Colorado
November 15, 2017 11:15AM - November 15, 2017 12:45PM
Whether you like it or not, yet another generation graduated from college this past May – Gen Z (or iGen). You may already have them working for you! If you think they’ll be just more
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Are You Keeping Your Chips in the Windshield?, Sedalia, Colorado
There is a lot of road construction going on around where I live. Not only the highways, but many of the sides streets as well. Here’s what I’ve noticed; the cleanup job between more
3 Ways Investing in Training Your Team Increases Your Revenue, Sedalia, Colorado
A good leader recognizes the potential in their staff and is willing to do whatever it takes to maximize their growth. Not only do purposeful training sessions give employees more
Leadership Development Advice for Bringing Out the Best in You, Sedalia, Colorado
If you’re a business manager, entrepreneur, or notice that co-workers tend to look up to you, you’re probably a natural leader. But like other talents, leadership isn’t something more
How Emotional Intelligence Improves Leadership and Workplace Performance, Sedalia, Colorado
While expertise plays an important role in the workplace, there’s more to professional success than industry knowledge. Specifically, “emotional intelligence” is responsible more
3 Leadership Tips for Motivating Your Employees to Be More Productive , Sedalia, Colorado
Running a team is full of challenges, especially if your employees aren't rising to meet the daily demands of your business. John Reeb, PhD, MBA, of Colorado Leadership more
3 Traits All Good Leaders Have in Common, Sedalia, Colorado
A company won’t go far without a good leader at the helm. And although the successful CEOs who pop into your mind might all seem different at first glance, they actually share more
What If I Don't Respect My Team?, Sedalia, Colorado
Respect. Have you ever worked with or for someone who you just didn’t think respected you or your ideas? They were someone who seemed to put you and your ideas down and do it in more
A Closer Look at Emotional Intelligence: What it is and Why it Matters, Sedalia, Colorado
Emotional intelligence includes traits like patience, empathy, stress management, adaptability, and more. As you might expect, emotional intelligence plays an important role in more
How to Be a Strategic Thinker, Sedalia, Colorado
The ability to think strategically is key to moving your organization to the next level. However, in most organizations, everyone is busy multi-tasking, getting things done and so more
4 Ways Managers Can Become More Effective in Their Leadership Role , Sedalia, Colorado
When you become a manager, you take on leadership responsibilities. The way you approach the role will play a large part in determining the efficiency of your team, so being more
3 Ways to Pedal a Bike, Sedalia, Colorado
Riding a bike. Most of us have done it. When we did, we quickly discovered the difference between riding uphill and downhill. Recently, my mother-in-law moved in to a retirement more
Leadership Lessons from The Founder, Sedalia, Colorado
Have you seen the movie “The Founder” yet? If so, do you agree that there are some great leadership lessons embedded in there? Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the movie , in the more
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