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Pediatric Dentist Shares Importance of Calcium for Dairy-Free Kids, Kahului, Hawaii
While dairy products provide an excellent source of calcium, many kids can’t eat cheeses and milk due to allergies or other dietary restrictions. Thankfully, calcium is naturally found in many other foods. Pediatric dentist more
Pediatric Dentist Explains the Basics of Tongue Ties & Cutting, Kahului, Hawaii
A tongue tie, which is also known as Ankyloglossia, occurs when an individual’s cord — which stretches from the tongue to the floor of the mouth — becomes short and restrictive. When children experience this, many parents worry about more
Maui, HI Pediatric Dentists Businesses
Pedodontic Associates Inc. Maui, Pediatric Dentistry, Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, Kahului, Hawaii
31 Kamehameha Avenue
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-0066
For families in Honolulu, Central Oahu, and Maui, Pedodontic Associates Inc. is the best source for excellent pediatric dental care. For over 25 years, Pedodontic Associates has worked with infants, young children, and adolescents, with ...
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5 Types of Floss Commonly Used in Kids' Dental Care , Kahului, Hawaii
If you take a walk down your grocery store’s dental care aisle, you may be surprised to see several varieties of floss on the shelves. With so many choices, how can you more
Mark Your Calendar for National Floss Day 2017, Kahului, Hawaii
You have Thanksgiving marked on your agenda — but what about the day after? For the past 20 years, National Floss Day has been held the day following Thanksgiving. This year the more
How Much Calicum Kids Need for Strong Teeth, Kahului, Hawaii
Teaching your kids about the importance of dental health now sets them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. In addition to emphasizing the necessity of twice-daily brushing, more
5 Halloween Candies Pediatric Dentists Want Kids to Avoid, Kahului, Hawaii
Halloween is around the corner! That’s why pediatric dentists want parents to know which candies they shouldn’t let their children eat after a night of trick-or-treating. While it more
Pediatric Dentist's Top Recommendations for Halloween Candy, Kahului, Hawaii
Children know the best part of Halloween is the candy. As your kids get ready to enjoy their favorite sweets this October, your local pediatric dentist more
5 Dental Care Tips for Halloween Treats, Kahului, Hawaii
Halloween is just around the corner, which is great for your child's candy cravings—but not so good for their dental care. But don't toss out the treats just yet! There are several more
Pediatric Dentist Shares 5 Snacks Kids Should Avoid, Kahului, Hawaii
A snack is an important part of any child’s day; It keeps them energized for a long day of learning and playtime. If you ask your pediatrician or pediatric dentist, the quality more
3 Misconceptions About Diet & Regular Soda, Kahului, Hawaii
As a parent, it’s important to consider the various foods and beverages that may be harmful to your child’s dental health. Soda, in particular, can contribute to serious issues such more
What Is Gingivitis? Pediatric Dental Care Experts Explain , Kahului, Hawaii
A strong dental care regimen should start at an early age. In addition to reducing plaque and tartar buildup, daily brushing and flossing help prevent gingivitis. This is a common more
The Truth About Gummy Vitamins & Dental Care, Kahului, Hawaii
Gummy vitamins are touted as being a fun and tasty way to keep kids healthy. Along with their benefits, gummy vitamins can also have a negative impact on dental care, which is why more
Pediatric Dentistry Explains Tooth Growth, Kahului, Hawaii
Children and parents alike view losing baby teeth as a symbol of maturity, but what happens when a child loses their teeth earlier or later than expected? The pediatric dentists at& more
Pediatric Dentist Shares History of Chewing Gum, Kahului, Hawaii
If you have a kid with braces, your pediatric dentist or orthodontist has probably warned them to stay away from chewing gum — and they’re probably looking forward to the day when more
Pediatric Dentistry Experts: When to Wean a Child Off Their Pacifier, Kahului, Hawaii
Although a pacifier may be beneficial for your child early in life, there comes a time to wean them off of it. If you’re not sure when to start this process, the pediatric dentistry more
5 Fun Facts About Animal Teeth From Your Pediatric Dentist, Kahului, Hawaii
Although your pediatric dentist probably only treats human teeth, that doesn’t mean they don’t know a little something about animal teeth as well. At Pedodontic Associates, with more
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