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A Kalispell Dental Clinic Highlights 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Toothpaste , Kalispell, Montana
With aisles full of options, most consumers usually just pick the toothpaste they’ve grown used to—or whatever is the most affordable. However, Greenery Park Dentistry encourages patients to spend a little more time looking over these more
A Dentist Lists 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Delay a Tooth Extraction, Kalispell, Montana
If your dentist has recommended you have a tooth extraction due to periodontal disease, damage, or crowding, it is important not to delay the procedure. Whether you are experiencing discomfort or not, Greenery Park Dentistry& more
Kalispell, MT Dental Hygienists Businesses
Greenery Park Dentistry, Dental Hygienists, Cosmetic Dentist, Dentists, Kalispell, Montana
40 Four Mile Drive, Suite 6
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 755-6116
In Kalispell, MT, Greenery Park Dentistry is reinventing dental care with an innovative approach designed to maximize your comfort while achieving the best results for your long-term health and well-being. The dentists at this groundbrea...
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When Should You Schedule Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment?, Kalispell, Montana
Parents often have a lot of questions about their child’s dental care, and it can be tricky to navigate everything on your own. Fortunately, the dentists at Greenery Park Dentistry more
What to Expect When You Visit the Dentist, Kalispell, Montana
If you haven't visited a dentist in a while, you may be feeling some anxiety about the process. Thankfully, a routine dental exam is actually fairly simple, and the staff at your more
5 Tips From Your Kalispell Dentist to Improve Your Oral Health, Kalispell, Montana
Maintaining your dental health is not something that stops when you reach a certain age. It takes a lifelong commitment to prevent problems such as gum recession and disease, enamel more
Greenery Park Dentistry Provides 5 Tips for Avoiding TMJ, Kalispell, Montana
Temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ, can lead to an array of painful symptoms from headaches to lockjaw. In some cases, this pain can even cause more
Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which Should You Choose?, Kalispell, Montana
If you’re suffering from damaged teeth, there are two main procedures your dentist can use to relieve pain, promoting positive oral health for the future. Your more
How to Avoid a Root Canal , Kalispell, Montana
  Root canals are among the most dreaded of dental procedures. Although modern technology makes them much simpler than ever, it’s best to protect your oral health in the first more
Greenery Park Dentistry Explains the Basics of TMJ, Kalispell, Montana
If you’ve been suffering from jaw discomfort and headaches, there’s a chance you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ for short. For TMJ sufferers in more
5 Signs You Need a Root Canal, Kalispell, Montana
Do you have a bad toothache? Does eating cause you pain? If so, you may have a decaying or infected tooth that requires a root canal. While it can be difficult to determine if your more
3 Benefits of Routine Visits to the Dentist, Kalispell, Montana
With a busy schedule, regular visits to your local dentist can fall by the wayside. While it may be easy to overlook your bi-annual visit, it’s important to try your best to more
3 Signs You Need to Go to the Dentist ASAP, Kalispell, Montana
A lot of people avoid visits to the dentist out of fear or because they simply don’t like the experience of having their teeth cleaned and inspected. It’s understandable; more
4 Signs & Symptoms of TMJ From Kalispell's Best Dentist, Kalispell, Montana
TMJ, or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, is a common and treatable disorder of the jaw muscles leading to discomfort in the area and other assorted effects. more
4 Teeth-Damaging Drinks: Tips From Kalispell’s Best Dentist, Kalispell, Montana
Keeping your pearly whites healthy is important, and it’s likewise important to know which foods and drinks are most likely to do damage to your teeth. Some drinks contain more
Dentist Offers Advice For Scheduling Appointments , Kalispell, Montana
Routine dental exams are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. If you’re wondering how often you need to see your dentist for a checkup, Greenery Park Dentistry can help more
TMJ Therapy: Techniques & More From Greenery Park Dentistry, Kalispell, Montana
Dental patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, often experience long term aches and pains in their jaw. That’s where an experienced dentist like Greenery more
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