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Top 3 Qualities to Look for in a Dentist , Union, Ohio
Selecting a dentist is a major decision that shouldn’t be rushed. No two dentists are alike, and who you choose will have a significant impact on your quality of care and overall experience. Before you entrust someone to care for your more
Dental Implants Explained, Union, Ohio
When a tooth root is damaged by injury or decay, a dental implant may be necessary to restore oral health and function. Made from titanium, dental implants essentially serve as artificial tooth roots. They fuse to the jawbone, making a more
Norwood, OH Cosmetic Dentistry Businesses
JP Larson DDS and Stephen J. Larson DDS, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Cincinnati, Ohio
497 Cincinnati Batavia Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244
513- 528-1223
As a trusted dental office in Cincinnati, OH, JP Larson DDS offers full-service expertise to not only help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams but also maintain them. With a focus on dependable care, convenience, and afforda...
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What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?, Union, Ohio
A tooth extraction may sound intimidating, but it is sometimes the best dental care option for a tooth that is severely damaged or impacting your oral health. Because this is a more
The Basics of Good Oral Hygiene, Union, Ohio
Tooth decay, bad breath, staining — everyone knows the signs and consequences of poor oral health. To combat these issues, incorporate good oral hygiene practices into your daily more
3 Dental Care Questions You Need to Ask Your Dentist, Union, Ohio
While you brush and floss every day, the best kind of dental care comes from professionals. If you want to make the most out of your appointments, keep up a dialogue with your more
Top 3 Advantages of Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth, Union, Ohio
Tooth loss occurs for a variety of reasons, including periodontal disease, injury, and decay. Thankfully, dental bridges are a convenient solution for replacing missing more
4 Common Questions About Getting Dental Crowns, Union, Ohio
Invented centuries ago and used heavily in restorative dentistry, dental crowns can make damaged smiles look perfect again. However, if you are like most people, you might have more
3 Replacement Options After a Tooth Extraction, Union, Ohio
A tooth extraction must be performed whenever a tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed. After a tooth is removed, a dentist must replace it immediately more
Cleveland’s Best Dentists Explain Why Flossing Every Day Is Important, Union, Ohio
One of the first questions a dentist will ask during a routine appointment will be whether or not you’ve been flossing regularly. This is because flossing is essential to more
Cincinnati Dentist Shares 5 Tips for Home Maintainance of Oral Health, Union, Ohio
Although your dentist plays a critical role in maintaining your oral health, good hygiene habits start at home. If you want to discuss your brushing and flossing habits with a more
Cincinnati's Most Trusted Dentist Explains the Difference Between Dentures & Dental Implants, Union, Ohio
Tooth loss in adults can have a number of causes, from accident and injury to advanced tooth decay. When faced with the choice between dentures and dental implants, remember— more
How Dental Implants Will Improve Your Life, Union, Ohio
Solving issues with your teeth will lead to more enjoyable years ahead. For anyone with missing teeth, dental implants will significantly enhance your quality of life. Dental more
4 Vital Dental Care Tips Your Dentist Wishes You Knew, Union, Ohio
Great dentists know education is vital to fostering healthy smiles. While brushing regularly and moderating your sweet tooth are a start, there’s lots more your dentist wishes you more
Cincinnati's Cosmetic Dentistry Experts Share 3 Common Treatments, Union, Ohio
Thanks to innovations in cosmetic dentistry, it’s now possible for patients suffering from a wide range of dental problems to restore their smiles. As with all types of dental care, more
How Dental Care Education Helps with a Healthy Dental Practice, Union, Ohio
When dentists take the time to educate their patients regarding proper dental care, the results are substantial. In fact, everyone benefits. With this in mind, the dental more
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