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A Dentist Explains TMD & Its Common Symptoms, Lincoln, Nebraska
TMD is a common ailment, but unfortunately, it’s not easily diagnosed. The staff at Cherry Hill Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, works hard to diagnose and treat TMD effectively. Here, their dentist explains what TMD is, and how you can more
Lincoln Dentist Shares What's Causing Your Bad Breath & How to Cure It, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you frequently deal with bad breath, you are not alone. Halitosis, another name for bad breath, affects nearly one in four people and is often treatable with simple changes to your oral care routine. If you want to tackle the more
Lincoln, NE Cosmetic Dentistry Businesses
Cherry Hill Dentistry , Family Dentists, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentists, Lincoln, Nebraska
249 Cherry Hill Blvd, Ste 5
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 488-2383
If you’re hiding your smile behind a closed-mouth grin or simply looking for a dentist to help you keep up with your oral health, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Cherry Hill Dentistry. Located in the heart of Lincoln, NE, they ...
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A Local Dentist Explains 3 Causes of Bleeding Gums, Lincoln, Nebraska
Brushing your teeth is a simple task, but it can be challenging to do it thoroughly when your gums are sensitive and bleeding. This is not only uncomfortable; it may also more
How Often Should I Go to the Dentist for a Teeth Cleaning?, Lincoln, Nebraska
While daily brushing and flossing is a great start toward a bright, cavity-free smile, you also need to make regular appointments with your dentist for professional teeth more
3 Reasons Opalescence® Go Is the Perfect Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment, Lincoln, Nebraska
If your smile is less than stellar, you’ve probably already thought about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Everyone wants a bright, white smile, and there are countless kinds of more
5 Reasons Regular Visits to the Dentist Are Important, Lincoln, Nebraska
Going to the dentist may not be one of your favorite things to do. Skipping regular checkups and teeth cleanings can significantly impact your oral health, though. By scheduling more
What to Expect at Your Next Teeth Cleaning, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re due for a teeth cleaning, you may need a refresher on what to expect. These biannual visits are vital, and they’re typically quick, painless, and easy. If you haven’t had more
5 Tips to Prepare for Your Trip to the Dentist, Lincoln, Nebraska
You've probably visited the dentist twice a year for all of your life and understand the importance of doing so. But to get the most from your appointments, do a little more
Top 5 Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extraction , Lincoln, Nebraska
A tooth extraction is a routine procedure that can be nearly painless when done by an experienced dentist. For those living with tooth pain, the procedure is a way to more
Visiting the Dentist: Common Questions Answered, Lincoln, Nebraska
While dentist visits aren’t something most people look forward to, it’s important you go regularly to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and disease free. Lincoln, Nebraska’s& more
How Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you have a missing tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge as a solution. This is a common option that provides a reliable fix and helps patients restore their more
Do You Need Veneers? Find Out More From Lincoln's Best Dentist, Lincoln, Nebraska
Do you have broken or missing teeth? When your teeth are damaged, it can hurt your confidence, but porcelain veneers may be the right solution for you. Lincoln, NE’s more
Don't Delay: 4 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist, Lincoln, Nebraska
Some dentist appointments, like teeth cleanings and checkups, can be scheduled months ahead of time. When it comes to severe oral pain or knocked-out teeth, though, you need more
Lincoln Dentists Explain Why Oral Health Matters, Lincoln, Nebraska
A great smile is not just a matter of personal appearance; it’s also vital to your overall health. The dentists at Lincoln, NE’s Cherry Hill Dentistry believe everyone should& more
3 Reasons Regular Teeth Cleaning Is Important, Lincoln, Nebraska
Our teeth are a key part of how we present ourselves to the world, and it’s important to keep them in good health. Cherry Hill Dentistry is a dental care facility based in Lincoln, more
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