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Weight Loss Plans and Non-Food Rewards, Lincoln, Nebraska
You did it! You hit your 10 pound weight loss goal. Time to reward yourself but not in the way you may have been used to. Learning to choose other types of rewards besides food can be a new idea.  In fact many and most celebrat...read more
Our Weight Loss Program's Top 5 Healthy Rules to Live by in 2018, Lincoln, Nebraska
Rules! Nobody wants to follow the rules, right? Of course, but if weight loss is your goal for 2018 then a rule-follower you may become. There are tried and true ways to successfully lose weight and they start with a basis of healthy eat...read more
Lancaster, NE Weight Loss Businesses
Max Muscle, Weight Loss, Health Store, Sports Nutrition, Lincoln, Nebraska
7301 S 27th St, Suite 140
Lincoln, NE 68512
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is the only national sports nutrition, vitamin, and supplement company. Max Muscle franchises have been the supplement and health industry’s leading providers since 1991. They provide the highest quality produ...
Nebraska Weight Management Institute, Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska
4535 Normal Blvd Ste 158
Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 483-4770
With so many rules about what to eat and when to work out, losing weight can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you have the right support, you will start to see results. At Nebraska Weight Management Institute, the licensed hea...
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4 Weight Loss Tips for the Cold Weather Season, Lincoln, Nebraska
Warm weather, outdoor activities, and delicious, seasonal fruits make it easier to stay on target with your weight loss goals during the summer. However, as the temperature...read more
Winter Salads for Your Weight Loss Plans , Lincoln, Nebraska
As the seasons change so do our recipes. What we crave can change too! A lovely green salad with nuts and a bit of sweetness is perfectly paired with a warm soup or stew for a cold w...read more
Alcohol and a Weight Loss Diet: What you Need to Know, Lincoln, Nebraska
Can I have a glass of wine and still lose weight? This is a common question for patients going through our weight loss programs. The answer is Yes. However, making smart choices when...read more
Underestimating Calories Can Deter Diet Plans, Lincoln, Nebraska
How many calories was in that cupcake? If you have no idea, you are not alone. Americans are not the best at assigning the correct calories to foods consumed in their day. In fact a ...read more
What Are the Best Weight Loss Tips for the Holiday Season?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Seasonal goodies make the holidays more enjoyable. But if you’re on a diet, you might be concerned about overindulging on treats. Thankfully, there is a way to enjoy your holiday fav...read more
Smart Appetizers for Weight Management this Holiday Season, Lincoln, Nebraska
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  Spending time with loved ones and enjoying the beauty of the holidays shouldn’t come with added stress, or extra pounds. Keep he...read more
3 Benefits of Using Optifast® For Quick Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska
Are you searching for a quick weight loss solution? With so many diet and lifestyle options on the market, it can be confusing to know where to look. However, the Nebraska Weigh...read more
Weight Loss Tips: Preparing Light Holiday Desserts, Lincoln, Nebraska
With the Holiday Season in full swing don’t stray from all that you have worked hard for this year. There are easy ways to lighten up some of your old staple recipes that the whole c...read more
 Three Quick Lunch Options to Fit Your Weight Loss Program, Lincoln, Nebraska
Fast food choices range greatly in calories, protein, and fat. However, choices like these below can be a part of anyone’s diet who is trying to power up with protein, while controll...read more
How to Lose Weight Fast with Simple Dinner Ideas, Lincoln, Nebraska
Fast, Healthy, and Delicious...Oh My!! Sounds like music to your ears right?  Losing weight is complex, however good nutrition is key. Consuming Protein, Fat, & C...read more
Conquering Diet Excuses for Weight Management, Lincoln, Nebraska
Americans are struggling with being overweight and obese now more than ever but that doesn’t have to be you. You can turn it around rather quickly. You need to make the first step to...read more
Quick Weight Loss with OPTIFAST Soups For Fall, Lincoln, Nebraska
The cooler months are right around the corner and comfort foods are highly craved. Instead of a high-calorie casserole try warming up with a cup of tomato soup. The OPTIFAST soup pac...read more
Best Ways to Lose Weight While Still Eating Out, Lincoln, Nebraska
Are you tired of cooking and just don’t have time to prepare meals each day? No problem, you can still lose weight if you choose the right foods out. Calorie control and protein cont...read more
A Focus on Diet Plans: SlimFast® vs. OPTIFAST®, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you are trying to lose those last few pounds or you have always struggled with weight loss, you might be wondering which diet plans work quickly and safely. Unfortunatel...read more
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