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Save 10% on the Newest Flavor of stimoVEX® Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
What’s better than Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s stimoVEX® pre-workout supplement? How about an exclusive discount on a brand new flavor! For a limited time only, the health store is offering 10% off the strawberry lemonade version of th...read more
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition: A Fitness Store With a History of Results, Kennesaw, Georgia
When you hear Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, you probably think of renowned nutritional supplements and services. But how much do you know about the fitness store itself? Here, their Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ discuss just how th...read more
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Max Muscle, Weight Loss, Health Store, Sports Nutrition, Kennesaw, Georgia
Old 41 Hwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is the only national sports nutrition, vitamin, and supplement company. Max Muscle franchises have been the supplement and health industry’s leading providers since 1991. They provide the highest quality produ...
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Conquer Your Workout With Max Muscle’s Sports Performance Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
We’ve all been there. You’re halfway through your workout when the fatigue hits. You feel tired, and you’re tempted to slack off or stop altogether. That’s when you know you should i...read more
10% Off Your First Bottle of Max Vit-Acell Vitamins, Kennesaw, Georgia
Since their fitness store first opened, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s coaches have loved rewarding patrons for trying new things. Now, when you purchase a bottle of their citrus blas...read more
10% Off Newest Emerge Weight Loss Flavor, Kennesaw, Georgia
As Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s second best-selling product, Emerge weight loss supplements have quite the legacy to live up to. This month, they’ve stepped up their game with a new...read more
Buy One Diet or Weight Loss Supplement, Get One 50% Off, Kennesaw, Georgia
It’s a new month, which means a new monthly special at your local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. This February, celebrate savings with an exclusive buy one, get one 50% off all Max Mus...read more
Lose Weight, Build Muscle With MaxxTOR™ Nutritional Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
Being Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s third best-selling nutritional supplement, MaxxTOR™ has quite the reputation to live up to. Since its creation, athletes have praised the product ...read more
Should You Take Fish Oil Supplements? The Sports Nutrition Experts Weigh In, Kennesaw, Georgia
We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the aisles of your local fitness store, and you quickly become overwhelmed. There are hundreds of supplements and vitamins on the shelves, e...read more
Tired of Fad Diets? Try Max Muscle’s Best-Selling Weight Loss Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
As any athlete or fitness enthusiast will agree, fad diets simply don’t work. They may help you shed a few pounds fast, but the effects don’t last. Fortunately, Max Muscle Sports Nut...read more
Max Muscle’s 2TX Supplements: What’s All the Buzz About?, Kennesaw, Georgia
Have you heard the news? There’s a revolution in men’s supplements, and it starts with 2TX. Developed by doctors in partnership with the award-winning Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, 2T...read more
Enter Max Muscle’s Success Video Challenge for a Chance to Win $2,500, Kennesaw, Georgia
January 19, 2017 2:30PM - January 31, 2017 11:45PM
For years, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has helps athletes and fitness gurus around the country reach their fitness goals. Now, they want to hear your story and reward you for your su...read more
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Detox & Weight Loss: Introducing Cleanse & Lean Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
Are you, like many others around the country, looking for a natural way to not only improve your health but also jump-start your weight loss goals? The solution is in the aisles of y...read more
Save 10% on Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s New stimoVEX-XT , Kennesaw, Georgia
Just last month, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition introduced their new line of stimoVEX supplements, designed to enhance performance and increase energy levels. But, like any good athlete...read more
10% Off Your First Purchase of FBX 2.0 Supplements, Kennesaw, Georgia
Is your pre-workout supplement inadequate? If it has as stimulant-based formula, chances are it has. In reality, stimulants can counteract the effects of your pre-workout. Fortunatel...read more
New Product Alert: Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Hyper Growth System, Kennesaw, Georgia
Are you looking to bulk up this year? Slim down? Whatever your fitness goals, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has the vitamins and supplements you need to go the extra mile. Recently, th...read more
Conquer January With 40% Off the Total Weight Loss Stack, Kennesaw, Georgia
Every month, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition offers an exclusive deal on one of their signature products. This January, they’re kicking off the New Year with offering 40% off your favori...read more
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