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A Local Foot Doctor Shares Exercises to Do After Bunion Surgery, Gates, New York
Bunion surgery can bring relief to patients suffering from foot pain. And, once the pain subsides during the recovery period, there are some easy exercises you can do to help regain mobility. A local foot doctor from Westside Podiatry Gr...read more
3 Tips on Healing After Bunion Surgery, Gates, New York
Scheduled to have bunion surgery in the near future? While recovery typically lasts about three to six months, there are ways to speed up the process so you can get back on your feet again. Serving residents throughout Rochester, NY, the...read more
Spencerport, NY Podiatrists Businesses
Advanced Foot Care Center of Rochester, General Surgeon, Podiatrists, Foot Doctor, Rochester, New York
97 Canal Landing Blvd, Ste 3
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 249-0020
For over 30 years, Rochester residents have trusted Dr. Joseph G. DiPrima with all of their foot-related concerns. Whether you’re suffering from a common foot pain problem such as  hammertoe and bunions, a sports injury, or nerve da...
Westside Podiatry Group , Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
507 Beahan Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Westside Podiatry Group is the leading provider of specialized foot care in Rochester, NY. Their experienced doctors have helped patients with chronic foot and heel pain find the relief they need for the past 38 years. Their primary goal...
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What Causes an Ingrown Toenail?, Greece, New York
An ingrown toenail, as the name implies, occurs when the edge of the nail grows into the neighboring skin. This condition doesn’t merely cause pain—if left untreated, it can res...read more
FAQs: What You Need to Know About Plantar Fasciitis, Greece, New York
If you’ve ever experienced heel pain, you may have been suffering from plantar fasciitis—tears in the ligament that connects your toes to the heel bone. Known as the plantar fas...read more
3 Steps to Prepare for a Podiatrist Appointment, Gates, New York
An appointment with a podiatrist can help you with all types of foot pain and related conditions; they can give you the relief that you’ve been looking for. If this is your first tim...read more
Warts: How to Identify & Treat Them, Greece, New York
Warts are small, sometimes painful growths that develop when skin comes in contact with the human papillomavirus. They are characterized by where they occur on the body and how they ...read more
Top 3 Reasons for Foot Pain According to a Podiatrist, Greece, New York
There is no reason to suffer from foot pain when a visit to your podiatrist can get you the relief you need from plantar fasciitis or an ingrown toenail. If you’re not sure what...read more
Rochester Foot Doctor Answers Questions About Plantar Fasciitis & Suggests Treatment Options , Greece, New York
If you are suffering from foot pain, every step you take is a painful reminder. Whether you have bunions, hammertoe, or heel or arch pain, you just want relief. A common cause of hee...read more
Foot Doctors Offer the Top 3 Tips for Toenail Fungus Prevention, Gates, New York
With proper care and the assistance of a foot doctor, there are countless foot-related ailments that can be either managed or prevented entirely. One of the most common foot problems...read more
3 Treatments for Ingrown Toenails, Gates, New York
Often a recurring problem, ingrown toenails can be caused by improperly cutting your toenails, wearing too-tight shoes, genetics, or even a simple injury. If not treated correct...read more
Foot Care Specialists Explain What Happens When Your Feet Get Too Cold, Gates, New York
Your feet contain enough nerve endings, bones, and tendons to make them one of the most complex structures in your body. They’re affected by everything from temperature changes to th...read more
MLS Laser Therapy: The Top 3 Benefits, Gates, New York
Whether you suffer from severe arthritis or a sports-related injury, constant pain can diminish your quality of life and make even the simplest tasks difficult. When people in Roches...read more
The Foot Doctors Explain How Standing All Day Affects Your Feet, Gates, New York
It’s been established desk jobs are not good for a person’s health, but earning a living by being on your feet all day isn’t healthy either. Given the heavy beating your feet ta...read more
3 Benefits of Frequent Visits to a Foot Doctor, Greece, New York
There are many surprising health benefits of visiting a foot doctor. If you’re one of the many people who will develop a foot problem in their lifetime, frequent visits to a foo...read more
3 Tips to Alleviate Bunion Pain, Greece, New York
Anyone who has suffered from bunions can attest to how painful and aggravating the condition can be. It can make everything from walking to wearing shoes difficult. What sufferers ma...read more
What Are the Causes of Arch Pain?, Greece, New York
Your arches are an important part of your feet and your body. They stabilize your distribution of weight during activity, help you adapt to uneven surfaces, and absorb shock when you...read more
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