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5 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Summer, Honolulu, Hawaii
In the summer, many people want to look good and feel healthy. The proven way to promote a healthy summer is through exercise and good nutrition, but it can be difficult to know exactly which tips to follow. Luckily, the team with I...read more
Wellness Coaching Experts Explain the Difference Between Health & Wellness, Honolulu, Hawaii
Health and wellness are both important parts of your overall well-being, but they are distinct from one another. While they can sometimes overlap, each one needs focused attention and care to feel your best, both physically and emot...read more
Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, HI Osteopaths Businesses
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health, Sports Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Orthopedics, Honolulu, Hawaii
1010 South King Street, Suite 401
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 521-8170
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health is Oahu’s source for orthopedic surgery, osteopathic manipulation, and minimally invasive treatments such as sports medicine, nutritional medicine, and lifestyle coaching.Promoting health and recover...
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5 Top Nutrition Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating, Honolulu, Hawaii
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5 Ways to Use Wellness Coaching to Combat Holiday Stress, Honolulu, Hawaii
The holidays are a joyful, yet stressful time of year. With cold weather and extended time indoors creating the perfect environment for catching the flu, it’s important not to let st...read more
4 Tips From Wellness Coaches For Managing Your Stress, Honolulu, Hawaii
Stress is an inevitable part of life. Between balancing work, family, and maintaining a household, it is normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed at times. However, uncontrollable stres...read more
Why Proper Nutrition Is So Important to Effective Exercise, Honolulu, Hawaii
The food you consume can either give you the energy you need to thrive or slow you down completely. The experts from IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health in Honolulu, HI, are here t...read more
Halloween Safety Tips From Honolulu’s Leading Orthopedists, Honolulu, Hawaii
Halloween is a festive time of year for both kids and adults. However, since many people stay out late for parties and trick-or-treating, accidents are bound to happen. That’s why th...read more
Exercise Anywhere With Bodyweight Basics From Oahu's Best Wellness Coaching Team, Honolulu, Hawaii
Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes the gym or running trail just seem a little too far away. Luckily, you can bring the gym to you with these simple exerc...read more
Performance Optimization Specialists Share 3 Dangers of Over-Exercising, Honolulu, Hawaii
We're all aware of the dangers associated with not exercising enough and the toll poor physical fitness can take on our health. But exercising too much can be dangerous as well, and ...read more
Wellness Coaching Pros on How to Prepare for Medical Emergencies During Hurricanes, Honolulu, Hawaii
In the aftermath of the recent hurricane that hit Hawaii, IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health considers it absolutely essential to learn about safety protocols. Among oth...read more
4 Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your IMUA Orthopedics Appointment, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or simply dealing with an age-related musculoskeletal condition, the orthopedic doctors at IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health&...read more
Honolulu's Favorite Orthopedic Doctors Share Tips on Supporting Friends After Surgery, Honolulu, Hawaii
Injuries can impact your mobility and prevent you from enjoying the sports you love, but orthopedic surgeons can assist with procedures designed to restore you to full functionality....read more
4 Ways to Relax at Work From Hawaii’s Leading Osteopathic Physicians, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re like most in the workforce, you’re spending hours a day stressing both your mind and body. As the osteopathic physicians and wellness coaching pros at Honolulu, HI’s I...read more
Why Staying Hydrated in the Summer Is Vital to Health & Nutrition, Honolulu, Hawaii
Drinking plenty of water is always important, but during the summer months, staying properly hydrated can make a huge difference in how you feel. IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Healt...read more
3 Ways to Reach Performance Optimization, Honolulu, Hawaii
Your body is a machine — the greatest, most sophisticated machine you'll ever own. If you're invested in making it work its best so it can take care of you for decades to c...read more
3 Incredible Things Sports Medicine Can Do For You, Honolulu, Hawaii
As its name suggests, the world of sports medicine supports athletes with sports-related injuries, whether they’re acute injuries that happen during play or repetitive injuries that ...read more
For Proper Nutrition, Eat These Foods, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you’re faced with boxes of donuts at the office each day, eating healthy can feel impossible. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The expert orthopedic doctors at IMUA Orth...read more
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health Helps Increase Nutrition With These 3 Tips, Honolulu, Hawaii
Improving nutrition is something anyone can do at any time, regardless of age or the current state of their health. The orthopedic doctors at IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health of...read more
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