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What to Expect From Your First Gynecologist Appointment, St. Peters, Missouri
Once a young woman reaches her teens, it’s time to schedule a visit to the gynecologist. The trip can be a bit daunting for a first-time visitor, but the surest way to alleviate your concerns is to learn what to expect. With pe...read more
5 Times to See a Gynecologist, St. Peters, Missouri
While it’s common for women to receive birth control from their primary care doctor, you might not know when to see a gynecologist for your reproductive health needs. If you experience an abnormal menstrual cycle, pelvic pain, or ar...read more
St. Charles, MO Obgyn Businesses
Midwest Urogynecology, Obgyn, Urology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Saint Louis, Missouri
2325 Dougherty Ferry Rd, #206
Saint Louis, MO 63122
(314) 596-9955
Women have amazing bodies. They not only create life, they outlive their male counterparts by an average of five years. Midwest Urogynecology is committed to providing exceptional care for these exceptional bodies. Specializing in treati...
Advanced OB-GYN Services, Fertility Clinics & Physicians, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obgyn, Saint Peters, Missouri
4200 N Cloverleaf Dr
Saint Peters, MO 63376
(636) 928-1800
For over 30 years, Dr. Joseph Hazan of Advanced OB-GYN Services has been dedicated to providing professional gynecological care that patients can trust. He and his compassionate team are committed to giving each woman who comes in a pers...
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What Is Vaginal Prolapse? Midwest Urogynecology Explains the Condition, Des Peres, Missouri
Whether it’s a result of the aging process or an underlying condition, vaginal prolapse is uncomfortable and even painful, but it can be treated. Midwest Urogynecology in St. Lo...read more
March 6, 2017 1:45PM - April 6, 2017 1:45PM
PREPARING FOR YOUR BABY   This happy event is very exciting. You've heard about it extensively. Your own experience is unique. This is your special experience. Every pregn...read more
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3 Possible Complications with Vaginal Mesh, Des Peres, Missouri
More than 3.3 million women in the United States have experienced pelvic organ prolapse, which is a cause of urinary incontinence. Many women have turned to vaginal mesh surgery for ...read more
Prenatal Care: How to Handle an Aching Back During Your Pregnancy, St. Peters, Missouri
If you’re pregnant and dealing with an aching back, you’re not alone. Whether mild or almost debilitating, back pain is a common complaint by expectant mothers. If you’re suffering f...read more
February 13, 2017 11:30AM - March 13, 2017 11:30AM
WELCOMING YOUR NEW BABY Your pregnancy is the most wonderful and amazing event. As you plan to get pregnant your health  is paramount. Being at your best health is now easy. ...read more
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A Guide to Infertility: Causes & Treatments for Women & Men, St. Peters, Missouri
When a couple is having difficulty conceiving a child, infertility is an issue that might require treatment for the man, woman, or both for them to produce a pregnancy. The...read more
Pregnancy Prevention: 5 Effective Contraceptive Methods to Consider , St. Peters, Missouri
A woman’s options for preventing pregnancy have expanded significantly since the birth control pill first hit the market in the United States in the 1960s. The right contraceptive me...read more
A Guide to Bladder Infections: Key Symptoms & Causes of the Condition, Des Peres, Missouri
Bladder infections are painful and can disrupt your daily routine, but they’re a common problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors diagnose about 3 million bladder infections in ...read more
YOUR OB IS HERE, St. Peters, Missouri
January 11, 2017 10:15AM - February 11, 2017 10:15AM
YOUR OB IS HERE Knowledge about your pregnancy is empowering. Have you ever had questions about pregnancy? Have you had concerns about your health? Do you plan to get pregnant? ...read more
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A Gynecologist Shares Why Cervical Screenings Are Crucial to Women's Health, St. Peters, Missouri
Regular cervical exams from a gynecologist can be a lifesaver. They detect a range of issues that otherwise would go unnoticed, including cervical cancer, precancerous condition...read more
5 Early Indicators of Pregnancy, From St. Louis' Leading Gynocologist, St. Peters, Missouri
Some early symptoms of pregnancy may appear before you’ve even missed your menstrual period. However, these signs can be difficult to recognize, and some may resemble flu symptoms. T...read more
When a Loved One is Dealing With Infertility, Remember These 3 Things, St. Peters, Missouri
When someone you know is struggling to conceive, it can be hard to know the right things to say and do. Dr. Joseph Hazan and his staff at Advanced OB-GYN Services in Saint Peter...read more
To Treat Urinary Incontinence, Try These Simple Exercises, Des Peres, Missouri
Urinary incontinence is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but there are simple ways to manage or even cure this condition. Whether you developed incontinence after childbirth, as a res...read more
3 Common Women's Prolapse Issues, From St. Louis' Gynecology Experts, Des Peres, Missouri
Awareness of common medical concerns is an essential part of devising a comprehensive health care plan. This is especially important when it comes to prolapse, which can affect numer...read more
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