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Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening, Medical Testing & Monitoring, Paternity Testing, Drug Testing Laboratories, Artesia, New Mexico
315 W Washington Ave Suite E
Artesia, NM 88210
(575) 746-3404
If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with reliable drug and alcohol testing, then Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening is ready to serve your needs. Located in Artesia, NM, this alcohol and drug testing lab provides an ar...
What’s the Difference Between DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing?, Artesia, New Mexico
If you are a commercial driver who operates a vehicle for interstate business purposes, you are required to undergo Department of Transportation, or DOT, drug testing to ensure more
Drug Testing Employees? Here's How to Choose a Drug Panel, Artesia, New Mexico
Employers have a variety of options when it comes to drug testing their employees. But how do you know which panel is right for your workforce? First, it helps more
Drug Testing Panels: Know the Difference, Artesia, New Mexico
When it comes to drug testing panels, there are a lot of options out there. That’s why Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening offers clients the information they need to make a more
5 Reasons to Choose Oral Fluid vs. Urine Drug Testing , Artesia, New Mexico
Drug testing in a corporate environment is an important practice for both employee safety and business preservation. If you’re debating between oral fluid and urine drug testing for more
What an Alcohol Lab Test Can Tell You, Artesia, New Mexico
Testing for drugs and alcohol is a common practice in the workplace. Depending on the line of work, employees may be asked to take a routine drug test to help determine their more
DOT Physical FAQ: Be in the Know Before You Go, Artesia, New Mexico
Considering a career in the transportation industry? A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exam will be a requirement before you get on the road. Necessary for all more
3 Benefits of On-site Drug Testing for Your Business, Artesia, New Mexico
When you run a business, your aim is to ensure it’s as safe and productive as possible. One common way to ensure your business meets safety and legal standards is to conduct routine more
Can You Get a DNA Paternity Test Before a Baby Is Born?, Artesia, New Mexico
If you’re expecting a baby and there’s any doubt of who the child’s father’s is, a paternity test can provide the answers you need. At Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening in more
What You Should Expect During Your DOT Physical Exam, Artesia, New Mexico
A DOT physical exam (Department of Transportation) is a medical evaluation required of many commercial vehicle operators. This exam ensures drivers are both healthy and capable of more
How to Start a Workplace Drug Testing Program, Artesia, New Mexico
No matter the type of company you run, illegal drug use by any employee can affect your business’s productivity and market reputation. Being the premier local drug testing location,& more
DNA Paternity Testing FAQ From Artesia's Leading Laboratory , Artesia, New Mexico
The professional staff at Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening in Artesia, NM, frequently encounters questions about DNA paternity testing. There are many individuals who would like more
4 Things You Should Know About Breath Alcohol Testing, Artesia, New Mexico
If you’re of legal drinking age, you’ve most likely heard of a blood alcohol content (BAC), which is a measurement of your intoxication level. But have you ever wondered how this more
Reasons to Consider Drug Testing Your Teen, Artesia, New Mexico
As a parent, you can only do so much to protect your child. You know you can’t shield them from the outside world, but there are measures you can take to ensure their health and more
Artesia’s Best Drug Testing Lab Explains Common Reasons to Get a Paternity Swab Test, Artesia, New Mexico
While paternity swab tests are commonly used in custody and child support cases, there are many other useful reasons to get one done. At Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening in more
3 Common Reasons Why Companies in Eddy County Require Drug Testing, Artesia, New Mexico
Should you require your employees to complete mandatory drug testing? Instead of allowing drug use to exist under the radar at your organization, Artesia Drug and Alcohol more
​Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening Is New Mexico’s Leading Drug Testing Lab, Artesia, New Mexico
When it comes to dedicated genetic, drug, and alcohol testing, counseling, and Department of Transportation physicals, New Mexicans rely on Carlsbad-based Artesia Drug and Alcohol more