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How Adults Can Benefit From Karate Classes, West Chester, Ohio
If you’ve been searching for a form of exercise that will increase mental discipline and help you reach your physical fitness goals, karate classes are ideal. Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati in West Chester, OH, wants you to know th...read more
3 Ways Karate Practice Changes Your Life, West Chester, Ohio
Martial arts like karate draw many participants from different backgrounds and skill levels. While these practices are thousands of years old, people today are still interested in learning the principles and art of karate. Have you ever ...read more
Tylersville, OH Karate Businesses
Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati, Exercise Programs, Karate, Martial Arts, West Chester, Ohio
4865 Smith Rd
West Chester, OH 45069
Japan Karate-Do of Cincinnti Inc is Cincinnati’s premiere center for learning traditional Japanese martial arts. As the Midwest center of JKO Hokushin Shito Ryu International style, Japan Karate-Do is one of the finest places for people ...
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A Guide to Shitoryu-Style of Karate, West Chester, Ohio
The Japan Karate Federation recognizes four major karate systems and styles — and Shitoryu is perhaps one of the most popular. As a powerful and artistic style, this martial arts tec...read more
When Should My Child Start Martial Arts?, West Chester, Ohio
When a kid shows interest in taking karate or martial arts classes, it can be challenging for parents to know when their child should start. While every situation ...read more
Why the Karate Floor Is a No Bully Zone, West Chester, Ohio
Karate is an excellent extra-curricular activity for students of all ages to learn discipline, self-defense, and confidence in themselves. At Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati, a top martia...read more
What Are the Benefits of Enrolling My Child in Karate Classes?, West Chester, Ohio
Many enroll their children in karate classes because it provides them with exercise that keeps them healthy and in great shape, but this isn’t the only benefit. Japan Karate-Do ...read more
3 Benefits Girls Have to Gain for Learning Martial Arts, West Chester, Ohio
Although martial arts classes are usually targeted at young boys, girls also have a lot to gain from participating in this type of physical activity. There are many parts of martial ...read more
3 Ways Children's Karate Classes Boost Self-Confidence, West Chester, Ohio
Many kids suffer from self-esteem issues, and it can be a struggle for parents to find ways to help them gain confidence. According to the martial arts experts at Japan Karate-Do Cin...read more
How Karate Classes Benefit Children With ADHD, West Chester, Ohio
It has long been recognized that exercise is crucial for children’s health, especially for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Karate classes, in particular, ...read more
Cincinnati Karate Experts Share 5 Tips for a More Effective Fighting Stance, West Chester, Ohio
Your fighting stance is possibly the most important element in karate and other types of martial arts. The proper form lets you move around quickly, deliver stronger strikes, an...read more
4 Strength Training Techniques You Will Learn in a Karate Class, West Chester, Ohio
Enrolling in a karate class offers many benefits related to personal growth, from physical fitness to self-defense. According to Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati in West Chester,...read more
5 Popular Karate Phrases to Know Before You Start, West Chester, Ohio
As an ancient Japanese practice, there’s a lot more to know about karate than the moves. Today, the experts from West Chester, OH’s top martial arts program, Japan Karate-Do Cin...read more
How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Karate Class, West Chester, Ohio
Enrolling your child in karate classes is a great way to improve discipline and increase physical activity without having to pay the upfront cost required by many other sports and ex...read more
Cincinnati’s Martial Arts Experts Share Tips to Improve Your Fighting Stance, West Chester, Ohio
Having a strong fighting stance is one of the core principles of an effective martial arts practice. Located in West Chester, OH, Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati is Greater Cincinnati’s p...read more
Beyond Karate Class: How to Prep for a Competition Fight, West Chester, Ohio
If you want to compete in the art of karate, you first need to learn the ropes. Training at least twice at week in a martial arts program is the minimum requirement for garnering the...read more
3 Essential Stretching Exercises Karate Students Should Know, West Chester, Ohio
The intense physical activity involved in karate and other forms of martial arts can be especially tough for beginners to cope with. Japan Karate-Do Cincinnati in West Chester, OH, w...read more
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