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The Spring Real Estate Weather Report for Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota
January acted like March, February behaved like April (unseasonably warm, as in 30 degrees above normal), and March is bi polar. We have 60 degrees one day, and 6 above zero the next morning. The weather is still chilly, but the market more
They Don’t Build them Like they Used to, Minneapolis, Minnesota
No, they don’t. And you wouldn’t want it any other way. As much as I adore historical homes for their character and craftsmanship, they do need maintenance and upgrades to keep them in shape. Old homes, for all their charm and detail, more
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Real Estate Advisors Businesses
Mary Jo Quay with Remax Advisors , Residential Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Advisors, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 384-1360
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How does Immigration Impact Real Estate in 2017?, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The phone rang on a Saturday morning, “I don’t know if you remember me, you sold me a house a long time ago, and I need to talk to you urgently.” I remembered him and his wife, we more
7 Tips to Win in Multiple Offers , Minneapolis, Minnesota
A couple weeks ago I showed a home in NE Minneapolis whose owners had spent months preparing for the sale. The photos were from last summer. That means that they meticulously more
A Sellers Market isn't a Magic Lantern, Minneapolis, Minnesota
During the real estate boom from 2000-2006, sellers got a little lazy. Put a sign in the yard, and they will come. They weren’t too worried about how the house looked, or fixing more
What's the most romantic place for Valentine's Dinner in Minneapolis?, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Where's the most romantic place for Valentine's Day dinner in Minneapolis for Millenials?   In the new home that they closed on last week. Skip the crowded restaurant, more
This Could be YOU, Kyle’s Story, Minneapolis, Minnesota
An idea popped into Kyle’s head before she opened her eyes on a warm September morning in 2015.  She was renting part of her Grandma’s house, but it was being sold. Her mom more
Thank You for your Patience While we Comb through 28 Offers………, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Last week I showed a home that just came on the market to a buyer who has been waiting for some new options in South Minneapolis.This home was well priced, excellent condition, and more
This Could be YOU , Minneapolis, Minnesota
There are times in real estate when you wonder why you do what you do. Then, there are gratifying times why you know exactly why you do it. Yessica started her adventures in home more
Your New Home Is Waiting, Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you’re dreaming about new construction, but don’t want to go through a long wait and the gazillion choices that you have to make, you’re in luck. You can be sizzling bacon for a more
Top 3 Requirements for a Successful Real Estate Transaction, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Buying a home is a monumental milestone in life, no matter whether it’s your first home or your last. But while the process may seem scary or stressful, if you fulfill the proper more
5 Things You Should Know About Real Estate in 2017, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Last week I had the privilege of attending two real estate forecasts for 2017. One was with Ted Jones, chief economist for Stewart Title and Steve Harney, CEO of KCM. more
4 Tips to Sell Homes Quickly & Profitably, Minneapolis, Minnesota
It takes patience, perseverance, and preparation to sell a home. If you are hoping to make a quick sale at top dollar, utilize a few tricks of the trade to help you reach your more
Buyers Are Not Liars, Minneapolis, Minnesota
It's an old real estate refrain, I cringe every time I hear it.  It usually comes from an agent frustrated with a client for not telling them something, or making a decision more
Dear Buyer, HGTV is Not you Friend. Not a Real Friend., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Every buyer is hooked on HGTV for inspiration, hoping that they can make it happen for themselves. Twenty minute makeovers are seductive. The homeowners walk in and are surprised, more
5 Things to Know in Selling Your Home in a Divorce , Minneapolis, Minnesota
Everyone is raw during a divorce, your lives have just been emotionally upended. Both of you have a lot to lose, and just want it to be over. Even if you are just considering a more
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