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5 Popular Medicinal Herbs That You Can Add to Any Meal, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Herbs can do so much more than season your favorite dishes. In fact, many of the most popular spices have scientifically proven healing powers. If you want to learn more about the effects that natural therapies like herbalism and more
Herbalism: 4 Benefits of Mineral Bathing, Minneapolis, Minnesota
People bathe to cleanse physically and emotionally, letting the steam dissolve all the impurities and stresses of the day. But herbalism teaches that the powers of the bath are more than that; as different minerals are mixed into the more
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Books Businesses
JML Business Group , Massage Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1309 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Discovering your place and purpose in the universe is a life-long adventure—and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Having the right tools and support by your side along the journey can make the experience joyful, not stressful. Magus Bo...
Father Football, Book Publishers, Religious Books, Books, Stillwater, Minnesota
What some people are saying about this book: “There is more to this book than a godly man sharing events that have shaped his life and his faith. The freedom found in trusting in Christ’s atonement permeates the pages. Father, Football ...
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Pendulum Sale!, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pretty Pretty Pendulums! Sale this weekend: Buy a Pendulum, get a Free Bag to keep your treasure safe! Come on down and give them a test spin! read more
Divine Statue Sale, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Need some divine inspiration or insight? Check out our new statuary! All statues are now 15% off! Stop by in store to take advantage of this great deal. read more
What Is Craniosacral Massage?, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Let’s face it—the stresses of everyday life can take a serious toll on your body and mind. While exercise and meditation help promote wellness, a craniosacral massage is one of the more
The History of Aromatherapy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
It has long been known that the sense of smell is powerful. It can conjure up vivid memories from the past, transform your mood, and completely change your focus. One practice that more
Winter is Reutrning!, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Braving the cold? Stop in for a Free stick of Palo Santo with purchase and get 10% off your purchase!!! Circle of the Magi Customer Club members, remember to use your red bag to more
What are Amulets and Talismans?, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Although amulets and talismans are some of the most commonly used magickal items, there remains much ambiguity as to what exactly they are and how they differ. Today we will briefly more
The Upanishads, Minneapolis, Minnesota
“Now, that which is the subtle essence—in it all that exists has its self. That is the True. That is the Self. That thou art…”  (Chandogya Upanishad) The Upanishads are texts more
What Is Wicca?, Minneapolis, Minnesota
If you’ve heard about Wicca and Wiccans but aren’t sure what it’s all about, then rumors may be confusing. Because many Wiccans use herbs and reflect on the power of nature in their more
3 Invaluable Benefits of Reiki, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The practice of reiki can have many positive effects on your life. This Japanese technique for promoting relaxation and stress relief features hands-on healing, by which to more
Fred Soll's incense , Minneapolis, Minnesota
Spend $50.00 or more and get a free pack of Fred Soll’s incense! IN STORE ONLY read more
The Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Laughter, and Storytelling, Stillwater, Minnesota
The Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Laughter, and Storytelling My wife, Sharon, and I were talking the other night about spiritual gifts. Not necessarily the kind of spiritual gifts more
Repulsed in Depravity, Stillwater, Minnesota
Repulsed in Depravity I have been looking at Genesis 15-19. God appears to Abraham in verse 18 along with two angels and promises Abraham that he would be the father of many more
Living Above the Law, Stillwater, Minnesota
Living Above the Law We all have a knowledge of good and bad. We don’t have to go to a special school. It is evident when even young children make the claim to a playmate, “that’s more
Even Better Than A Cabin, Stillwater, Minnesota
Even Better Than A Cabin I love thinking about one day having a cabin. Maybe use some of my dad’s oak boards for flooring. The cabin would be rustic. I imagine the oak floors being more
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