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How Harvey Weinstein's conduct affects your business, Las Vegas, Nevada
Over the course of the last week, the media has been on fire disclosing the allegations of sexual impropriety at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.  It appears that we are only seeing the beginning of the fallout of harassment claims more
Discrimination against transgender or not?, Las Vegas, Nevada
Under the Obama Administration, it was determined that transgender employees were afforded protections under Title VII.  In other words, it was illegal to discriminate against an employee (or prospective employee) based upon the more
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Gordon Law, Business Litigation, Business Law, Small Business Law, Las Vegas, Nevada
6655 S. Cimarron Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Small-to-medium business owners in Las Vegas know the importance of having a trusted legal team by their side, whether they are looking to expand current operations or need assistance with human resource processes.Gordon Law can provide ...
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National Women's Small Business Month, Las Vegas, Nevada
October celebrates small businesses owned by women.  According to, women business owners are represented in nearly every industry, from precision medicine, and more
Legislate This! - A free seminar for business owners, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Henderson Chamber’s Thursday, October 19 Roadmap to Success workshop will discuss "Legislate This!" presented by Aviva Gordon, Esq. of Gordon Law. The Nevada more
Las Vegas Business showing their heart!, Las Vegas, Nevada
The impact of the terror attack on Las Vegas earlier this week cannot be placed into words.  Our families, our community, our city, our way of life were placed in the line more
Gordon Law's September Newsletter, Las Vegas, Nevada
Please read Gordon Law’s September Newsletter here. read more
Can you (should you) automate your legal services?, Las Vegas, Nevada
I recently read an advertisement for a service that provides automated contract review.  Presumably, the service uses some type of algorithm that searches for key terms and “ more
Expressions of Free Speech and Employment - the NFL/Trump debate, Las Vegas, Nevada
As you likely know, the latest Trump-gate relates to those NFL players who have refrained from standing during the National Anthem.  President Trump has implored NFL Team more
Top 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
I am privileged to announce that I have been nominated as one of the Best 100 Lawyers in Las Vegas.  I would be most grateful if you would take a few minutes to vote for me more
How to survive a business divorce, Las Vegas, Nevada
I often tell people that starting a small business with a partner is similar to a marriage. You share your hopes and dreams for creating a successful future with someone else. more Vegas is the place to be, Las Vegas, Nevada
As of the first quarter of 2017, Nevada had the fastest private sector job growth in the U.S. at 3.6 percent, according to the latest employment data. The state has added 40,000 more
Ding dong, the witch is dead.  The death blow to the "New" Overtime Rule, Las Vegas, Nevada
Just last week I told you that the “new” Overtime Rule was like a zombie.  Alive, dead, brought back to life, killed again but still roaming around.  Well, it is finally more
Money and Las Vegas...betting to win, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bank of America is betting on Las Vegas businesses to continue their robust growth.  According to its marketing president, Las Vegas is seeing double-digit loan growth. more
Nevada businesses and pregnant workers, Las Vegas, Nevada
As you may know, a new law in on the books that seeks to protect those employees who are or were pregnant.  For a more comprehensive discussion on this, please read here. more
The Walking Dead and the Overtime Rule, Las Vegas, Nevada
It is not often that I can compare legal proceedings to zombie concepts, but as it relates to the Federal Overtime Rule, the required policy is like a Walker from the Walking Dead. & more
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, you should think of how to protect your small business, Las Vegas, Nevada
As the rainfall from Hurricane Harvey continues to assault Texas, our thoughts, prayers and hopes go out to those who are suffering.  It is estimated (based upon evidence from more
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