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City Laundry, Laundry Services, Laundromats, Lincoln, Nebraska
1142 Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 483-2113
Fast and affordable laundromat to fit your hectic schedule Have you got a badly stained garment that you absolutely love or a heavy load of laundry? You can be sure that when you bring your every day and delicate clothing items to City ...
Laundry Land, Clothes Cleaning Services, Laundry Services, Laundromats, Lincoln, Nebraska
1440 N 56th St
Lincoln, NE 68504
Providing the best equipment and great laundry service, Laundry Land is the go-to laundromat facility that Lincoln has been missing! The full-service laundromat prides itself in serving the community with a friendly staff and clean ...
How to Wash Shoes in the Washer & Dryer, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whenever laundry day rolls around, many of us follow the same routine. We gather our pile of dirty clothing and linens, separate them by color and texture, then take a trip to our more
7 Things to Bring to the Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Using a laundromat can save a lot of time on washing day, since you will have many washers and dryers at your disposal and can run several clothing loads at once. But making a list more
3 Lifesaving Laundry Tips to Learn From the Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
With work to do, children to feed, and bills to pay, finding enough time in the day to do laundry is taxing for homemakers on a tight schedule and difficult for those with little more
Laundromat Shares 5 Common Stains & How to Remove Them, Lincoln, Nebraska
“Rise and shine” isn’t quite as simple when you’ve spilled morning coffee down your freshly laundered shirt. Stains happen to everyone, but without proper removal, your more
Why You Should Utilize a Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
With so many washer and dryer models available, you might wonder why the laundromats remain so popular. A tried-and-true place to wash, dry, and get on your way, more
Lincoln Laundromat Offers Stain Removal Tips for the Holidays, Lincoln, Nebraska
With the holidays rapidly approaching, festive dinner parties and other gatherings are bound to be in full swing. Along with the influx of guests into your home, you will also have more
3 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you’re a busy student or a working professional, the laundromat is a chore most people like to put off until they’re down to their last pair of clean socks. However, more
3 Reasons to Use City Laundry’s Washers & Dryers, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Washers and dryers are a necessity for keeping your clothing, bedding, and other fabrics clean, fresh, and looking new for longer. Having a reliable pair of machines more
5 Helpful Tips to Make Doing Laundry Easier, Lincoln, Nebraska
Doing laundry isn’t exactly the most exciting chore, but with some prep work, the task doesn’t have to be a hassle—especially if you wash and dry your clothes at a laundromat. City more
How a Laundromat Provides an Excellent Wash, Every Time, Lincoln, Nebraska
There’s nothing like crisp, warm, scented sheets, straight out of the dryer. On laundry day, it’s time to give your garments, blankets and other items a deep cleanse, so you can more
3 Reasons to Use a Full-Service Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you don’t have time to wash your clothes yourself or you just don’t like doing laundry, a full-service laundromat is a great resource to have. These types of facilities more
First Time at a Self-Service Laundry? Here Are 4 Tips You Should Consider, Lincoln, Nebraska
  Self-service laundry can seem a little intimidating. The public setting and rows upon rows of machines are just a few of the elements that might dissuade new customers from more
3 Reasons to Use a Laundromat That Delivers, Lincoln, Nebraska
Doing your laundry shouldn’t be a hassle, especially if you have other things to do and places to be. Skip sitting around at the laundromat waiting for your clothes to dry and more
Make the Most of Your Time at the Laundromat With These 5 Tasks, Lincoln, Nebraska
Imagine—you’re at the laundromat. The clothes are sorted, the washer’s completing a cycle, and you’re waiting for it to finish so you can switch the loads around. more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Detergent the Next Time You're at the Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Laundry may not be most people’s favorite chore, but it is certainly one of the most satisfying to complete. Few feelings are better than having fresh, clean clothing to wear or more
Advice From a Laundromat: How to Clean Tablecloths, Lincoln, Nebraska
Imagine—you have a dinner party planned and need to make a flawless impression. Digging into the kitchen cupboard, you pull out your best tablecloth, only to see some unsightly more