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Keep Mice & Rats at Bay With These 3 Tips, Mobile, Alabama
Uninvited guests are always stressful to deal with, but rodents and other pests are especially overwhelming. Unfortunately, keeping mice and rats away can be a challenge for some homeowners. To help you avoid these creatures, the more
Do you Exterminate for Bed Bugs ?, Mobile, Alabama
Have you asked yourself this question?  If it is not wood destroying, then we do the pest control for that insect. This is a large coverage as the insect world is tremendous. We use no odor, e p a  approved, and use the more
Skyland Park, AL Pest Control Businesses
B & W Pest Control, Exterminators, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pest Control, Mobile, Alabama
Family-owned-and-operated since 1978, B&W Pest Control is the premier exterminating company in the Mobile, AL area. The company has been keeping Mobile and the surrounding Baldwin County's homes pest-free for decades, and prides itse...
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How MICE and Rats can take over, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time a few years back, B & W Pest Control got a call from a motel with rats on the motel grounds. Out front, the landscaping had palmetto bushes in a big area more
Fleas or roaches  Which gets the 1st attemtion?, Mobile, Alabama
Over the years (since 1978) B & W Pest Control has noticed that people will call an exterminator for fleas before they will on a roach infestation. A conclusion (not scientific) more
Does an EXTERMINATOR needed for ROACHES, Mobile, Alabama
Well, yes. When roaches are coming into your home or just start to be noticed on the kitchen counters, it can be a long run to do pest control yourself. Not only the constant more
Need help with FLEAS, Mobile, Alabama
Once upon a time not to long ago, I was entering a home that had called us to get rid of their fleas. After the initial greeting and a few steps into the home, I looked on my pants more
Can pest control get rid of bed bugs, Mobile, Alabama
B & W Pest Control guarantees our service to eliminate all bed bugs in the area treated. We don’t ask for you discard your mattress and or box springs in most cases. We price more
Who can help with my pest control, Mobile, Alabama
Since 1978, B & W Pest Control has been servicing the Alabama Gulf coast. We have not stayed the same which means we have adapted to all the changes that have taken place in more
Exterminator for flood aresa. ANTS, Mobile, Alabama
Harvey has been on everyone’s mind lately. What do ants do in a flood?  Fire Ants will gather in a ball like a mass as big as a socker ball or larger. The queen (s) will more
Did I tell you about the time I went to this apartment in Mobile, Al? The people living there said they didn’t bring them in to their apartment. There was no bed bug infestation more
EXTERMINATOR DAPHNE Ants/Roaches, Mobile, Alabama
A treatment for ants and or roaches will help control the other. The mode of treatment will vary for each as we are pin pointing what will be  best for that particular more
Call one, but call before you may have to move. Then, don’t take them with you. There is help. You don’t have to get rid of the pet !!! After a lota tries and money spent, don't more
No matter what you call it, the results will be the same. B & W Pest Control can and will exterminate your infestation of BED BUGS. We guarantee our work. Our Prices are ½ or more
B & W Pest Control feels that insects that get on and feed off humans are the most dreaded. This is why roaches, flies, rodents get to the point where the population gets& more
exterminatorDaphnealmicerats, Mobile, Alabama
A follower of B&W Pest Control posted that mice and rats can cause epidemics to a large scale. Poor countries with out pest control or organized exterminators are more more
exterminator mobile,al B&WPest  roaches, Mobile, Alabama
Do you know how many species of roaches are in Mobile and south Alabama ? I can think of five or six off the top of my head. ALL have different life styles and ALL have need for more
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