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The Top 3 Important Tips for Preventing Ingrown Toenails, Brighton, New York
An ingrown toenail can be very uncomfortable, and could even lead to an infection if left untreated. That’s why the team at Westside Podiatry Group, with locations in Greece, Brighton, and Gates, NY, recommends taking steps to prevent th...read more
What Is MLS Laser Therapy & How Does It Affect the Body?, Brighton, New York
When you are experiencing bodily pain, there are various treatments one can pursue. For foot problems, MLS laser therapy is incredibly effective. However, many are still unaware of what it is and how it works on the body. The podiat...read more
Penfield, NY Podiatry Businesses
Genesee Valley Podiatry - Dr. John R. Hunter, D.P.M., MS, Foot Doctor, Podiatry, Podiatrists, Penfield, New York
500 West Whitney Road
Penfield, NY 14526
(585) 586-6100
Genesee Valley Podiatry, the advanced foot care team with over 70 years of experience, has been proudly serving the residents of Rochester, Penfield, and Geneseo, NY with the best podiatry services in the area. This full-service podiatry...
Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP, Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
360 Linden Oaks Drive, Suite 120
Rochester, NY 14625
From your little one who’s on the school soccer team to your elderly parent suffering from chronic foot pain, everyone in the family can benefit from the services of Podiatry Associates of Rochester in Rochester, NY. Here, young athletes...
Westside Podiatry Group , Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
919 Westfall Road, Building C Ste 130
Rochester, NY 14618
Westside Podiatry Group is the leading provider of specialized foot care in Rochester, NY. Their experienced doctors have helped patients with chronic foot and heel pain find the relief they need for the past 38 years. Their primary goal...
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Podiatry Office Explains 4 Cortisone Injection Therapy FAQs, Penfield, New York
If you suffer from foot pain as a result of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis or nerve entrapment, your podiatrist may recommend a treatment called cortisone injection thera...read more
Rochester Podiatry Office Explains 3 Common Causes of Bunion Pain, Penfield, New York
Bunions form when a big toe pushes toward the one next to it. The condition often is a result of wearing poor-fitting shoes, although other factors can contribute to the problem. If ...read more
The Top 5 Foot Care Tips for Healthy Toenails, Brighton, New York
Hidden away at the tops of our feet, toenails may not get that much attention—but they should. When not cared for properly, they can develop all sorts of uncomfortable problems, incl...read more
Dealing With Ingrown Toenails, Brighton, New York
An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail grows into your skin, causing discomfort. If you don’t address the problem, it could lead to infection or other consequences. That’s...read more
What Is the Definition of an Orthopedic Podiatrist?, Penfield, New York
An orthopedic podiatrist is a surgeon specializing in disorders and injuries of the ankle and foot. They are experts in how the soft tissue, joints, and bones of the lower extre...read more
Foot Pain & Flat Feet: Essential Info, Brighton, New York
If you’ve been experiencing foot pain in your heel or arch, visit one of Westside Podiatry Group’s three locations in the Rochester, NY, area. There, a ...read more
Foot Specialists Explain 3 Ways Your Feet Can Predict Your Health , Penfield, New York
If your feet could talk, they’d have some great stories to tell—not only about your daily adventures but also about your overall health. According to foot specialists, a simple exam ...read more
A Foot Specialist Shares 4 Tips for Healthy Feet, Penfield, New York
Summer foot care involves more than getting a nice pedicure once in a while. Your feet are under a lot of stress every day, and taking good care of them year round will keep you comf...read more
Everything You Need to Know About MLS Laser Therapy, Brighton, New York
From arthritis to sports injuries, MLS laser therapy is a pain management technique used to treat a variety of conditions. According to the professionals at Westside Podiatry Group, ...read more
5 Reasons to Visit a Podiatry Office About an Ingrown Toenail, Penfield, New York
Ingrown toenails can be irritating, but usually, they straighten on their own. However, there are instances when having one warrants a visit to your local podiatry office. At Podiatr...read more
A Local Foot Doctor Shares Exercises to Do After Bunion Surgery, Brighton, New York
Bunion surgery can bring relief to patients suffering from foot pain. And, once the pain subsides during the recovery period, there are some easy exercises you can do to help regain ...read more
3 Tips on Healing After Bunion Surgery, Brighton, New York
Scheduled to have bunion surgery in the near future? While recovery typically lasts about three to six months, there are ways to speed up the process so you can get back on your feet...read more
Foot Specialists Discuss Age-Related Changes, Penfield, New York
Your feet provide much-needed support over the years, bearing the brunt of daily activities like work and play. Unfortunately, repeated mechanical stress can result in inju...read more
3 Steps to Prepare for a Podiatrist Appointment, Brighton, New York
An appointment with a podiatrist can help you with all types of foot pain and related conditions; they can give you the relief that you’ve been looking for. If this is your first tim...read more
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