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East Brunswick Audiologist Explains How to Enjoy a Movie Despite Hearing Loss, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Modern cinema is full of sensory feats—but when you are hard of hearing, many storytelling elements can fall flat. Fortunately, going to the movies with hearing loss is possible and may not be as challenging as you think. Granville more
East Brunswick Audiologist Shares 3 Reasons Musicians Need Earplugs, East Brunswick, New Jersey
The daily life of a musician includes weaving melodies and harmonies together to create art. Often, they may forget to protect their hearing by wearing earplugs. Below, audiologist Granville Brady, Au.D., in East Brunswick, NJ, more
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Granville Brady Au.D., Hearing Aids, Audiologists & Hearing, East Brunswick, New Jersey
10 Auer Ct, Suite C
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 387-2395
Hearing loss affects more than just hearing, taking a toll on your personal interactions and self-confidence in social settings. With the help of an audiology clinic, you can conquer hearing loss and improve your daily quality of life. G...
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Audiology Clinic Shares 3 Signs You Could Be Losing Your Hearing, East Brunswick, New Jersey
The signs of hearing loss can progress quite slowly over the years, which is why it’s often difficult to tell when it’s time to take a hearing test. Whether you’re young or in your more
3 Tips for Getting Used to Wearing Hearing Aids, East Brunswick, New Jersey
If you suffer from hearing loss, your audiologist may recommend purchasing a hearing aid. While these devices significantly improve your hearing and quality of life, you may need more
East Brunswick Audiologist Explains Ear Tubes, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Because the ears are an open, unprotected entryway into the body, they’re susceptible to a variety of bacteria. Ear infections are particularly problematic and can have serious more
Audiologist Shares 3 Reasons Hearing Loss Goes Undetected, East Brunswick, New Jersey
If you haven’t had your hearing checked by an audiologist lately, you might think your ears are fine—but you may be surprised to learn the truth. In the US, 48 million people have more
Audiology Clinic Discusses Everything You Need to Know About Dizziness & Hearing Loss, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Your sense of balance depends on the coordination of three important points: your eyes, your inner ears, and the muscles and joints of your body. Therefore, a loss of more
Hearing Tests: Why & How Often You Should Get Them, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Hearing loss can be a gradual process, and you may not even realize that your ability to hear has been diminished. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication more
What Is Tinnitus?, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Many people experience a ringing in their ears after a car accident or very loud noise. However, if the ringing persists for more than a few days, you may have tinnitus. Tinnitus more
East Brunswick Audiologist Discusses 3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hearing Aid Style, East Brunswick, New Jersey
If you are suffering from hearing loss, it’s important to choose the right hearing aid to suit your specific needs. Before you head to the store to make a purchase, the friendly more
New Jersey Audiologist Explains How Hearing Aides Work, East Brunswick, New Jersey
For people who are hard of hearing, hearing aids are lifesavers. In the modern world, they’ve been revamped with revolutionary updates that have changed the world of audiology more
East Brunswick Audiology Clinic Explains the Dangers of Headphones, East Brunswick, New Jersey
With the onset of smartphones, headphones and earbuds are pretty ubiquitous. Accordingly, many people have concerns about whether these accessories can cause damage to your hearing, more
Hearing Center Lists 5 Ways to Help Hearing Loss at Parties, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party or a holiday gathering, hearing loss can be a major source of frustration during parties. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the more
Local Audiology Clinic Shares 5 Signs You Might Have Hearing Loss, East Brunswick, New Jersey
About 48 million Americans have experienced some kind of hearing loss, making this condition the third most common health problem in the United States. Granville Brady Au.D. in East more
Considering a Hearing Test? Here’s 5 Good Reasons to Get One, East Brunswick, New Jersey
A hearing test is a totally painless procedure and takes less than an hour. Yet, most adults don’t include a regular visit to the audiologist on their to-do list. According to the more
An Audiologist Explains How to Improve Your Hearing as You Age, East Brunswick, New Jersey
As you age, it’s common to suffer from some degree of hearing loss. At the hearing center of Granville Brady, Au.D., in East Brunswick and Clifton, NJ, the audiologist will be happy more
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