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5 Signs Your Child May Need Speech Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
Young children progress in all developmental skills at different rates, including the acquisition of speech and language skills. Most children begin saying a few words between a year and 18 months. If your child doesn’t seem to be commun...read more
Speech Therapy for Toddlers: 5 Types of Speech Disorders, Ewa, Hawaii
Has your young one started to talk yet? If they have but are struggling to form their words properly, they may need speech therapy for toddlers. There are several different types of speech disorders that can affect young childr...read more
Waipahu, HI Speech Therapy Businesses
Sounds of Success: Preschool and Learning Center, Child & Day Care, Speech Therapy, Preschools, Aiea, Hawaii
98-029 Hekeha St. Bldg 5
Aiea, HI 96701
Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center, located in Aiea, Hawaii is a non-profit organization that works with preschool age children and school age children by providing the best speech therapy programs in the area. The cent...
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4 Reasons Preschool Really Matters, Ewa, Hawaii
“Daycare” typically refers to general child care for busy parents. A preschool, on the other hand, is an early childhood education center that develops a student’s academic abil...read more
5 Ways Daycare Helps a Child's Social Development  , Ewa, Hawaii
Daycare is much more than a safe place for children to go when parents are at work. A quality childcare services facility provides an environment in which children learn and grow, ga...read more
Sounds of Success Preschool Announces New 3-Year-Old Daycare Classroom, Ewa, Hawaii
Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center—a nonprofit daycare center working with preschool age children in the Aiea area—is proud to announce the grand opening of a brand...read more
2 Excellent Preschool Programs Offered  by Aiea's Leading Day Care, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’re looking for a day care center that helps children with speech-language delays thrive, you’ll find it at Sounds of Success: Preschool and Learning Center in Aiea, HI. T...read more
Child Care Tips: How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten, Ewa, Hawaii
Taking your child to kindergarten is a big step—not just for them, but for you. While you’ll have to get used to your little one being out of the house, your child will develop&...read more
Child Care Ideas: 3 Fun Language-Based Summer Activities , Ewa, Hawaii
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning. While you enjoy the sunshine and free time, there are a variety of activities you can incorporate into you...read more
3 Learning Activities Recommended by Child Care Experts, Ewa, Hawaii
Enrolling your little one in a learning-oriented child care center is an excellent way to build a strong educational foundation at a young age. For an immersive approach to lear...read more
5 Crucial Topics All Day Care Centers Should Cover, Ewa, Hawaii
Day care centers are more than just a place for your child to stay while you head to work or take care of errands. In addition to giving kids the chance to play with other kids, day ...read more
4 Ways to Prepare Your Toddler to Attend a Day Care Center, Ewa, Hawaii
As your cuddly baby grows into a precocious toddler, every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth. A high-quality day care center provides the foundation your child ne...read more
3 Tips for Continuing Speech Therapy for Kids at Home, Ewa, Hawaii
As children develop verbally and socially, they will inevitably hit roadblocks. For some, language can be difficult to grasp, which is why speech therapy for kids may be necessary. H...read more
What’s the Best Age to Enroll Your Child in Daycare?, Ewa, Hawaii
As a leading daycare facility on Oahu, Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center in Aiea, HI, is an establishment that helps young children excel in learning and development. P...read more
Free Speech Therapy for Qualified Kids on Oahu!, Ewa, Hawaii
The non-profit Sounds of Success: Preschool and Learning Center in Aiea and Oahu, HI, has received a grant from the Oscar & Rosetta Fish Speech Therapy & Forensics Fund. This...read more
4 Signs You Should Explore Speech Therapy for Kids, Ewa, Hawaii
When young children are developing physically, socially, verbally, and emotionally, their progress is bound to be uneven. As a parent, you may not know right away if your child needs...read more
3 Ways Child Speech Therapy Helps Children Build Confidence in School, Ewa, Hawaii
Whether your child has struggled with speech since they first learned to talk or your elementary school student has a stuttering issue, those early language problems can cause kids t...read more
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