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Get $100 or $200 Off Restylane and Dysport!, Honolulu, Hawaii
Feel beautiful for the holidays!! Gift yourself or someone you love!! Restylane to add volume to lift drooping skin or to smooth deep lines.  Dysport to prevent frowns and deep wrinkles or to help raise brows more
3 Ways Cosmetic Fillers & Skin Treatments Create a More Youthful Appearance, Honolulu, Hawaii
While the benefits of using cosmetic fillers and lasers for facial rejuvenation are widely known, very few people are aware of how these treatments can improve other areas of the body. According to Dr. more
Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, HI Botox Businesses
Dr. Melanie Tantisira M.D. , Eye Doctors, Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, Honolulu, Hawaii
1010 S King St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 591-9111
Melanie Tantisira MD is an ophthalmologist in Honolulu, HI, who specializes in performing a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, ranging from Botox and dermal fillers to eyelid rejuvenation. Her non-invasive, non-surgical techn...
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Eyelid Surgery Offers More Than Just Cosmetic Benefits, Honolulu, Hawaii
Most individuals elect to have eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons, but there are other ways a person might benefit from having these procedures, too. Here, Honolulu, HI’s more
Honolulu Ophthalmologist Explains Testing & Treatment Options for Dry Eyes, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dry, itchy eyes should never be ignored. Whether due to age, fatigue, or excessive computer use, this condition can lead to more serious vision and eye health issues if it isn’t more
Honolulu Ophthalmologist Discusses Your Eyelid Treatment Options, Honolulu, Hawaii
Over time, the skin around your eyes loses elasticity and begins to droop, making you look older than you feel. Fortunately, ophthalmologists have developed a variety of more
$1,000 Off Silhouette InstaLift, new non-surgical facelift!!, Honolulu, Hawaii
Lift your sagging skin. Smooth your smile lines and jowls. Silhouette InstaLift lifts sagging skin without surgery, builds collagen,  minimal downtime, beautiful, lasting more
What You Need to Know About the Silhouette InstaLift™ Cosmetic Surgery, Honolulu, Hawaii
It’s natural for the skin around your eyes, cheeks, and jowls to sag as you age, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Cosmetic fillers like various products in the lines more
FAQ's about Kybella the new non-surgical way to say good-bye to your double chin., Honolulu, Hawaii
Kybella is taking the cosmetic world by storm, getting rid of double chins and improving profiles in all types of people.  But many still have questions about this more
3 Extraordinary Benefits of Eyelid Surgery , Honolulu, Hawaii
For patients considering eyelid surgery, learning about the potential benefits of the procedure is a great way to make an informed decision. As with many types of cosmetic surgery, more
3 Benefits of Tear Trough Cosmetic Fillers, Honolulu, Hawaii
As we age, the skin under our the eyes may begin to sag and darken, resulting in a tired look. These changes occur due to the relaxing or hollowing of connective tissue in the more
10% off 2 treatment Kybella package + $400 additional off, Honolulu, Hawaii
Say Goodbye to the Double Chin. No Surgery; No Downtime; No More Double Chin; No Kidding. Only $1940 for 2 Treatment Package!   Dr. Tantisira numbs your neck to make more
3 Benefits of Skin Laser Treatment, Honolulu, Hawaii
From acne scars to signs of aging, skin laser treatments can address a wide array of dermal imperfections and give your face a healthy youthful glow. Dr. Melanie Tantisira, more
$300 Free Dysport or Skin Care!! , Honolulu, Hawaii
Spring into Beauty Purchase 2 syringes of any type of Restylane  and receive $300 of Dysport free !!  (Additional discounts may be available through Aspire Rewards more
Before- & After-Care Tips for Skin Laser Treatment, Honolulu, Hawaii
Those looking to enhance their skin's appearance without relying on invasive surgical techniques often turn to the rejuvenating powers of professional skin laser treatment. These more
What You Need to Know About Sculptra, Honolulu, Hawaii
Smile lines, or shallow to deep nasolabial folds and other facial defects, can be very distressing to those who have them. Most often these defects are at least partially due more
What Are the Advantages of the Various Cosmetic Fillers?, Honolulu, Hawaii
All of us are aging, but most of us really don’t want to show it!!  If you want a little extra help aging gracefully, turn to Melanie Tantisira M.D. in Honolulu, HI. Dr. more
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