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What to do with back pain when over 55, Phoenix, Arizona
Detox Body Cleanse Back and Neck Pain Check out more on our website. read more
Top 3 Ways Massage Therapy Will Relieve Pain, Phoenix, Arizona
When you want to relieve pain, you’ll try anything. While some resort to ice and Aspirin, others look to rest or even exercise in an attempt to loosen up some of the tension, usually without avail. One of the most effective and more
Phoenix, AZ Health & Wellness Centers Businesses
Center for Extraordinary Outcomes, Life Coaching, Holistic & Alternative Care, Health & Wellness Centers, Phoenix, Arizona
1536 East Maryland Avenue B-200
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 864-7662
The Center for Extraordinary Outcomes in Phoenix, AZ is a safe haven for people who are looking to turn their lives around, improve themselves, enhance business/career success, or attain an overall higher level of life satisfaction and h...
Detox Body Cleanse, Pain Management, Massage Therapists, Health & Wellness Centers, Tempe, Arizona
4515 S Lakeshore Dr, Suite #101
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 630-4401
Have a nagging pain in your back or stomach? Get to the root of the issue with specialized therapies by Detox Body Cleanse in Tempe, AZ. Their skilled staff is dedicated to relieving chronic pains through alternative medicine and no...
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9 Healthy Detox Tips You Can Do Every Day, Phoenix, Arizona
Over time, toxins and other things build up in your body. This can leave you feeling bogged down, which is why it’s important to regularly cleanse your system. According to the more
Top 3 Benefits of Using Infrared Heat During a Massage, Phoenix, Arizona
Getting a massage has tons of health benefits, from lowering stress to relieving pain. In fact, infrared heat is now commonly added to massage sessions because of its vast more
Do You Need a Colon Detox? 5 Factors That Could Impact Your Colon, Phoenix, Arizona
The colon is one of the least thought-of organs in the body. People rarely give this body part much consideration until they are constipated, have diarrhea, or a more serious more
What Is Ceragem Massage Therapy & What Are Its Benefits?, Phoenix, Arizona
Automatic Thermal Massager Fully Customized For Your Body The CERAGEM V3 is the first and only massager that scans the length of your spine and provides a fully customized massage, more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Alternative Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona
While most people are used to swallowing pills when they’re sick or in pain, an increased awareness about alternative medicine is taking over the mainstream media. People are tired more
The Truth About TRUE™ Cellular Detox at Detox Body Cleanse in Tempe, AZ, Phoenix, Arizona
Health. Everyone everywhere talks about it, protects it, or wants to restore it, and the truth is, the interference; the obstacles that allow dis-ease to creep up, that block more
The Benefits of CERAGEM Chiropractic Massage Therapy at Detox Body Cleanse in Tempe, AZ, Phoenix, Arizona
The Benefits of Ceragem Chiropractic Massage   Technology is changing at with every step of our lives. With the Ceragems V3, “It’s Smart Innovation!” Imagine a more
New Client Specials at Detox Body Cleanse, Phoenix, Arizona
“Treating illness is about finding the root of the problem and not treating the symptoms.” — Irene Ranney Detox Body Cleanse was started by husband and wife team, Gary and Irene. more
A Guide to the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy With Detox Body Cleanse, Phoenix, Arizona
Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural treatment that gently cleanses the colon or large intestine. Long used by ancient cultures, from the Egyptians to the Greeks, this procedure has been more
Align With Your Life Purpose using Grigori Grabovoi Method, Phoenix, Arizona
All the holistic healing methods I use, get to the root cause of what is holding you back from having what you want in your health, your career, your finances, your emotional-mental more
Holistic Healing using Grigori Grabovoi Method, Phoenix, Arizona
At the Center for Extraordinary Outcomes in Phoenix, AZ, Victoria Benoit, a professional counselor and repatterning practitioner, provides holistic healing methods, such as the more
Releasing the Victim-Perpetrator Cycle -  May Special , Phoenix, Arizona
 Struggle for Power Repatterning for Family HealingAccording to Bert Hellinger, developer of Family Constellations Theory, we look for balance and justice in our relationships. more
Claim Your Personal Power and Bring More Radiance to Life                       , Phoenix, Arizona
May 12, 2016 7:00PM - May 12, 2016 9:00PM
Group Resonance Repatterning to Balance Solar Plexus Chakra for Holistic HealingFirst Group FREEThe Solar Plexus Chakra enables you to claim your personal power and take charge. It more
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Phoenix Expert Explains How Holistic Healing Can Help You , Phoenix, Arizona
Holistic healing aims at improving the health of body, mind and spirit. A holistic approach targets multiple aspects of one's being, including the emotional aspect, so healing can more
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