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3 Insights About the Effectiveness of Mouth Swabs in DNA Lab Testing, Phoenix, Arizona
Mouth swabs provide an easy, fast, and painless way to give samples for DNA lab testing. But how effective are they? Are they a reliable way to extract enough DNA for testing purposes? Are the results from mouth swabs dependable? Be...read more
DNA Lab Testing Frees Dog Slated for Execution, Phoenix, Arizona
A dog thought to have killed a puppy belonging to his owner's neighbor has received a second lease (leash?) on life. Thanks to DNA lab testing, Jeb was cleared by a Michigan court after his DNA was compared with the DNA found on the dece...read more
Phoenix, AZ Drug Testing Laboratories Businesses
US Compliance Consortium Inc, Forensics & Genetic Testing, Paternity Testing, Drug Testing Laboratories, Phoenix, Arizona
3102 E Greenway Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85032
From drug and alcohol testing to paternity and infidelity testing, US Compliance Consortium Inc in Phoenix, AZ offers comprehensive laboratory testing that businesses and families rely on. They have in-depth knowledge of the Department o...
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Do You Meet DOT Compliance Requirements for the ELD Mandate?, Phoenix, Arizona
The ELD (electronic logging device) mandate affects many commercial motor carriers and truck drivers. With the implementation date quickly approaching, it's important to know if your...read more
How to Prepare for Your DOT Physical, Phoenix, Arizona
Although it’s unlikely to be a highlight of your day, the DOT physical is necessary if you hope to drive a truck professionally. Passing the examination will not only provide yo...read more
Phoenix’s Trusted Drug Testing Agency Explains Opioid Addiction, Phoenix, Arizona
Opioid addiction is one of the most frequently treated kinds of drug addiction today, with many people becoming reliant on the substance, whether through prescription or illegal...read more
Drug Testing Clinic Explores the Costs of Hiring Employees With Substance Use Disorders, Phoenix, Arizona
In the state of Arizona, employers have the right to conduct corporate drug testing as a condition of employment. If you manage employees and make decisions regarding essential perso...read more
3 Effects of High Employee Turnover From Phoenix's Corporate Drug Testing Pros, Phoenix, Arizona
Are you a business owner or manager? If so, you should understand the negative financial impact of high employee turnover. US Compliance Consortium wants to provide you with facts an...read more
Phoenix's Alcohol Testing Team Discusses Dependency in the Workplace, Phoenix, Arizona
In addition to endangering affected individuals, alcoholism is a financial burden on employers, racking up billions of dollars every year in on-the-job injuries, health pro...read more
Corporate Drug Testing: How To Prevent Employee Turnover, Phoenix, Arizona
When you’re running a company, one of the best assets to have is a reliable and trustworthy staff of employees. Some of the best strategies of reducing turnover is to use corporate d...read more
How FMLA and ADA Can Impact Drug Testing for Medical Marijuana, Phoenix, Arizona
Like many other states, Arizona has permitted the legal use of medical marijuana for individuals verified to have specific chronic conditions. While this prescribed drug may help wit...read more
Marijuana Legalization & Its Impact on Workplace Drug Testing, Phoenix, Arizona
All across the United States, restrictions on medicinal and recreational marijuana usage are being lifted. Although the drug remains illegal at the federal level, this may not always...read more
Is K9 Drug Detection Safe for Schools? Phoenix’s Drug Testing Experts Explain, Phoenix, Arizona
Every parent wants their child’s school to be a safe place. In an increasingly complicated world, schools need to consider every available option to provide the security students and...read more
Drug Testing: Learn Fact From Fiction With Phoenix's Premier Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona
With so much misinformation about drug testing out there, it’s high time to set the record straight. US Compliance Consortium is here to teach you the difference between fact from fi...read more
Here's the Scoop on USCCI's Drug Testing Record Retention Process, Phoenix, Arizona
When you own or operate a small company, it may often be difficult to comply with state and federal drug testing requirements. If that's the case with your business, allow US Co...read more
Why Drug Testing Is Easier With an Electronic Chain of Custody, Phoenix, Arizona
Drug testing is necessary for many businesses to ensure they are in compliance. With help from the team at US Compliance Consortium in Phoenix, AZ, this process is simplifi...read more
Top 3 Records to Prepare for Your Company Audit And DOT Compliance, Phoenix, Arizona
Does your company have a fleet of vehicles and group of drivers that are essential to your operations? Whether you have a small, midrange or large-scale business, remember that ...read more
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