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3 Simple Updates for Improved Senior Care at Home, Foley, Alabama
At-home senior care can be challenging if your loved one’s house doesn’t have certain updates or fixtures to accommodate their needs. As people grow older, they need certain home features that allow for easier mo...read more
What to Know About Oral Health for Senior Care, Foley, Alabama
Home health workers know that quality senior care involves making sure that clients are eating well, taking their medication, and helping them maintain good hygiene; oral health care is an important part of this routine. As people age, t...read more
Baldwin, AL Home Health Care Services Businesses
Candlelight Compassions, LLC, Home Health Care, Elder Care, Home Health Care Services, Foley, Alabama
(251) 937-0075
Candlelight Compassions knows that nothing beats the comfort of home when recovering from an illness or managing long-term health issues. Serving Foley, AL, Candlelight Compassions provides home health care services that give their clie...
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How Senior Care Improves Quality of Life, Foley, Alabama
The decision to provide your loved one with senior care is a difficult one, whether it’s an assisted living facility or home health care. But hiring a professional caregiver wil...read more
Senior Care 101: 5 Tips to Prevent Loved Ones From Slipping & Falling , Foley, Alabama
Studies show about 25% of Americans over 65 suffer a fall each year, and this risk only increases with age. Whether it’s due to vision loss, medications, or loss of coordination, the...read more
Winter Socialization Is an Important Part of Senior Care, Foley, Alabama
Winter brings frigid temperatures, dangerous weather conditions, and increased chances for illness and injury for elderly citizens. These are physical problems, but less known and eq...read more
5 Inspired Healthy Eating Tips for Senior Care, Foley, Alabama
Inspired healthy eating is essential to quality, holistic senior care, say the professionals at Candlelight Compassions. As a leader in the Foley home health community for nearly two...read more
It’s Critical to Maintain Seniors’ Independence With Home Health Care, Foley, Alabama
  Home health care is a great option for many seniors, allowing them to stay more independent and live in the home that they love. Candlelight Compassions is an elderly home ca...read more
Foley's Caregivers Provide 3 Reasons Why Home Care Benefits Elders, Foley, Alabama
  Candlelight Compassions has been providing skilled and nurturing in-home care to Foley, AL residents for over 18 years. During that time, they’ve seen firsthan...read more
3 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors From Foley's Premier Caregivers, Foley, Alabama
The winter season can be a tough time for senior citizens, but Candlelight Compassions has plenty of helpful tips on how to stay safe and warm during the coldest months of the year. ...read more
Foley’s Top Disabled Care Service Wants You to Know These 3 Early Warning Signs of Dementia, Foley, Alabama
When a family member is in the early stages of dementia, it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms unless you are a trained professional. The caregivers at Candlelight Compa...read more
Foley's Home Health Care Experts Share 3 Tips for Preventing Falls , Foley, Alabama
Of all the challenges seniors face in everyday life, none are as common or dangerous as simply falling at home. In fact, according to National Council on Aging, falls constitute the ...read more
An Alabama In-Home Care Provider Discusses Healthy Meals for Seniors, Foley, Alabama
Mom’s cooking is a youthful comfort most adults hearken back to in nostalgic moments. But as your loved ones age, it can grow more difficult for them to provide healthy meals fo...read more
3 Heart-Healthy Tips From Foley’s Trusted Home Health Care Provider, Foley, Alabama
A healthy heart is the centerpiece of a healthy body, and individuals of every age should take steps to keep their ticker in top condition. According to Candlelight Compassions, a Fo...read more
Home Health Care: Safe Workout Plans for Seniors, Foley, Alabama
When seniors stay active, it can help them to look and feel great. The caregivers at Candlelight Compassions help seniors in Foley, AL, maintain an active lifestyle to help prevent d...read more
How Home Care Agencies Help Seniors Retain Their Independence, Foley, Alabama
As you grow older, everyday tasks can become more troublesome and time-consuming. Many seniors fear that enlisting the help of home care agencies will deprive them of their inde...read more
4 Steps You Should Take When Discussing Senior Care With a Loved One, Foley, Alabama
Dreading the thought of talking about senior care with an elderly relative? It can be hard to know how to approach this topic with the sensitivity it requires, but there’s no need fo...read more
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