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Amherst Eye Doctor Lists 5 Tips for Soothing Dryness, Amherst, Ohio
If your eyes have recently felt dry, been more watery than usual, or you feel an itchy, burning sensation, you may be living with dry eyes. They are a fairly common condition and are typically caused by allergies, certain medications, or...read more
3 Tips to Help You Combat Computer Vision Syndrome, Amherst, Ohio
With technology at the core of today’s workforce, many spend eight hours a day in front of a computer screen. This has also increased the chances of developing computer vision syndrome, also known as eye strain. If yo...read more
Lorain, OH Eyewear & Corrective Lenses Businesses
EyeglassUniverse.com, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Contact Lenses, Eyeglasses, West Chester, Ohio
8114 Paul Manors Dr, Ste 500
West Chester, OH 45069
Standing out in the highly competitive field of online eyeglass and contact lens sales, EyeglassUniverse.com offers top notch eyewear at the lowest possible prices. Unlike other online outlets, Eyeglass Universe offers more than just che...
Eric G. Stocker, OD, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Amherst, Ohio
182 Park Ave
Amherst, OH 44001
(440) 988-4419
When it comes to your vision, finding the right eye doctor who is able to diagnose any issue you may experience is essential. Eric G. Stocker, OD has served Amherst, OH, and Lorain County for nearly 30 years and only continues ...
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The Causes & Symptoms of Pink Eye, & Why You Should See an Eye Doctor, Amherst, Ohio
Pink eye is an issue many children deal with in school. It’s easily transmitted, and while it isn’t fatal, the staff at Eric G. Stocker, OD, in Amherst, OH, advise that it should be ...read more
4 Reliable Ways to Prevent Glaucoma, Amherst, Ohio
Each time you have a vision exam, your eye doctor carefully checks for signs of serious disease. One of the most well-known conditions is glaucoma, characterized by extreme pres...read more
Which Eyeglasses Are Right for You? , Amherst, Ohio
These days, the right eyeglasses do more than correct your vision; they also enhance your facial features and show off your personal style. Whether you want to make a major fash...read more
Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses: Which Are Right for You?, Amherst, Ohio
Selecting between eyeglasses and contact lenses is a big decision. More than simply vision correction, several other factors come into play, including lifestyle, ...read more
Amherst Eye Doctor Discusses How Tanning Could Damage Your Eyes, Amherst, Ohio
It’s common knowledge that exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer. However, it’s not the only problem you should be worried about when using tanning beds. According to ...read more
5 Foods That Can Boost Your Vision, Amherst, Ohio
Millions of people worldwide are affected by cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) — a leading cause of blindness in individuals ages 55 and older. These conditions ar...read more
EyeglassUniverse.com Offers Eyeglasses Online for Less, West Chester, Ohio
When selecting a pair of eyeglasses, you need to consider them as more than just an object to correct your vision. They're also as a fashion statement and accessory. If you go to the...read more
Skip the Mall & Try EyeglassUniverse.com to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online, West Chester, Ohio
Shopping for eyeglass frames can become a serious chore. There’s nothing more frustrating than braving traffic to get to the mall or your local eyeglass store only to find that they ...read more
Let's Talk Measurements When Buying Prescription Glasses Online, West Chester, Ohio
The opticians at EyeglassUniverse.com want to help you buy prescription glasses for less and so today we want to talk about eyeglass size and measurements. Shopping for eyeglasses ca...read more
2 Ways EyeglassUniverse.com Helps Customers Find The Perfect Eyeglass Frames, West Chester, Ohio
People who wear eyeglasses have several things to consider from time to time such as periodically scheduling an eye exam and shopping for new eyeglasses. When a prescription is updat...read more
Go Back to School in Style With The Best Prescription Eyeglasses From EyeglassUniverse.com, West Chester, Ohio
Does your child or teen need back-to-school eye wear? Look no further—you have come to the right place. The experts at EyeglassUniverse.com prioritize value, quality and overall...read more
You Can Shield Your Eyes this Summer With Cheap Eyeglasses Online!, West Chester, Ohio
You’re on a drive on a bright summer day, and you can’t help but squint at your surroundings. Without sunglasses during the day, you’re not only missing out on a beautiful day, but y...read more
The Best Way to Buy Eyeglasses Online, West Chester, Ohio
EyeglassUniverse.com is a family owned American company based in Ohio.  The website offers designer eyeglasses at 50-70% off regular retail prices. They have thousands...read more
Orange Is The New Eye Protection: Why You Should Wear Orange-Lensed RX Sunglasses From EyeglassUniverse.com , West Chester, Ohio
We get a lot of blue light entering our eyes during the day.  During the daylight hours, blue light helps ensure regular circadian rhythms in the body.  The circa...read more
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