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4 Reasons a Face-to-Face Eye Exam Is Better Than an Online Vision Test, Symmes, Ohio
If you’re having trouble seeing clearly, you might think an online vision test would be an easy way to determine whether you need eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, this procedure doesn’t offer the same benefits as visiting an optome...read more
3 Signs Your Child Has Vision Problems & May Need Glasses, Sycamore, Ohio
Parents are often the first people to notice their child has a health issue. While they can spot a fever and runny nose from a mile away, not every condition is as easy to identify. Would you know if your son or daughter was having troub...read more
Kenwood, OH Eye Care Businesses
Harper's Point Eye Associates, Eye Doctors, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Eye Care, Cincinnati, Ohio
8211 Cornell Road, Suite 510
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Since 1976, Harper’s Point Eye Associates has been treating residents in the Cincinnati region for all their eye care needs. Whether you need an eye exam or are in the market for new glasses, contact lenses, or LASIK treatment, the team ...
Wing Eyecare, Contact Lenses, Eye Care, Optometrists, Cincinnati, Ohio
8740 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Founded by eye doctor Philip A. Wing in 1914, Wing Eyecare offers prescription glasses, eyeglass frames, eye exams, and other eye care products and services to individuals throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. You will find t...
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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses: What Should Patients Know?, Symmes, Ohio
When you are diagnosed with a vision problem like nearsightedness or astigmatism, eye doctors often prescribe glasses to help you see better. In some cases, people who regularly...read more
3 Important Tips for Proper Eyeglass Care, Sycamore, Ohio
Proper care is imperative for keeping your eyeglasses in good condition and ensuring you always see clearly. Plus, you don’t want all that time you spent picking out frames to be in ...read more
3 Tips to Encourage Kids to Wear Their First Pair of Eyeglasses, Sycamore, Ohio
When an eye doctor says your child needs eyeglasses, you’re probably relieved, as this means soon they’ll be able to see better. But, just because your son or daughter needs glasses ...read more
How Frequently Do You Need an Eye Exam?, Symmes, Ohio
To maintain your vision, getting routine eye exams should be at the top of your agenda. Alongside monitoring any vision changes yourself, a complete exam lets your eye doctor check f...read more
Local Eye Doctors Explain What You Should Know About Conjunctivitis in Children, Sycamore, Ohio
When it comes to illnesses and eye conditions in children, it's a matter of when rather than if. Conjunctivitis — also known as pink eye — is no exception, which is why eye doctors w...read more
Top Eye Doctor Shares the Importance of Pediatric Eye Care, Sycamore, Ohio
Pediatric eye care is critical in the development of strong, healthy eyes in children. The American Optometric Association recommends pediatric eye care as early as six months of age...read more
5 Red Flags Your Child Might Need Prescription Glasses, Sycamore, Ohio
Young children are not always aware that something might be off with their health. This includes recognizing that their vision is not the best it could be. To ensure your child isn’t...read more
Ask a Leading Eye Doctor: Are There Any Alternatives to LASIK®?, Sycamore, Ohio
LASIK® is an incredibly popular procedure for treating refractive errors, but not everyone is a good candidate for the surgery. If you currently rely on corrective eyewear to see but...read more
Looking for New Eyewear? 3 of the Latest Trends in Eyeglass Frames, Sycamore, Ohio
For many, glasses are a way of life. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to see when driving or trying to read a book in class. Regardless of why you wear prescription glasses, it is...read more
Local Eye Doctor Answers: What Does It Mean to Be Nearsighted or Farsighted?, Sycamore, Ohio
The terms “nearsightedness” and “farsightedness” are used frequently by your eye doctor, but what do they mean? The experienced and caring optometrists at Wing Eyecare ...read more
Irritated Eyes? What to Do About Your Contact Lenses, Symmes, Ohio
If your contact lenses are irritating your eyes and resulting in daily discomfort, don’t ignore the pain and itching. Instead, Harper's Point Eye Associates recommends...read more
Why Wearing Sunglasses Is So Important, Symmes, Ohio
Whether you wear prescription glasses or have 20/20 vision, it is beneficial to wear sunglasses year-round to protect your eyes from damage and enhance your comfort. The op...read more
3 Tips for a Smooth Transition from Glasses to Contact Lenses, Symmes, Ohio
If you’re a longtime wearer of glasses, making the transition to contact lenses can be as challenging as it is thrilling. You’ll no longer have to deal with your glasses fogging up o...read more
The Pros & Cons of Eye Drops According to Local Cincinnati Eye Doctors, Sycamore, Ohio
Whether you’re struggling to make it through allergy season or your naturally dry and itchy eyes are driving you crazy, eye drops seem like a simple and affordable solution. Many eye...read more
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