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Children's Dental Clinic Explains Why Your Kid's Tooth Has White Spots, Campbell, Wisconsin
Have you noticed white spots on your child’s teeth? While a white color indicates healthy teeth normally, scattered spots are a sign your child has a dental condition known as Turner’s tooth, also known as Turner’s more
A La Crosse Pediatric Dentist Chronicles the History of the Tooth Fairy, Campbell, Wisconsin
Every pediatric dentist knows the most important story in their office is the tale of the Tooth Fairy. While a visit from this giving pixie is a well-known part of nearly every modern child’s life, some parents ask their more
La Crosse County, WI Pediatric Dentistry Businesses
La Crosse Pediatric Dentistry LLC, General Dentistry, Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentistry, La Crosse, Wisconsin
2 Copeland Ave, Ste. 203
La Crosse, WI 54603
(608) 782-4054
From academic classes to dental visits, you want what’s best for your child. Fortunately, the experienced pediatric dentist at Wisconsin’s La Crosse Pediatric Dentistry does, too. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or an emergency ...
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Children’s Dentist List 3 Reasons to Find a Dental Home for Your Little One, Campbell, Wisconsin
A children’s dentist will play an important role throughout your child’s life, so it’s important to establish a strong relationship early. “Dental home” has become a popular term in more
3 Reasons Your Child Needs a Pediatric Dentist, Campbell, Wisconsin
Scheduling your child’s first dental appointment is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. To ensure your little one has the best experience, consider taking them to visit a more
What Parents Need to Know About Dental Care & Tooth Development, Campbell, Wisconsin
From the time your child begins teething to the moment their last baby tooth falls out, it’s important to practice proper dental care with them. Your little one will have two sets more
Dental Care Experts List 3 Tips for Motivating Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth, Campbell, Wisconsin
Your child’s dental care is crucial from a young age. However, getting your little one to want to brush their teeth can be a challenge for many parents. The friendly staff at La more
Home Dental Care Tips for Your Child, Campbell, Wisconsin
While visits to a reputable family dentist are essential for healthy teeth, they're ineffective without the implementation of proper dental care practices at home.& more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Pediatric Dentist Appointment, Campbell, Wisconsin
When it’s time to take your little ones to their first pediatric dentist appointment, it’s normal for them to be nervous. However, there are many things parents can more
3 Tips for Good Oral Hygiene, Campbell, Wisconsin
As a parent, you want to set your children up for a happy, healthy life, and good oral hygiene is part of that mission. Establishing dental care habits now will lay the foundation more
5 Teething Tips From a Pediatric Dentist, Campbell, Wisconsin
Teething is a difficult process for parents and children alike. Erupting smiles are uncomfortable, and there's not much you or your child's pediatric dentist can do to change that. more
Pediatric Dentist Shares 5 Dental Care Tips for Children, Campbell, Wisconsin
It’s never too early for kids to establish healthy oral hygiene habits. In fact, parents should start practicing dental care with children soon after they are born. According to La more
5 Instances When Your Child Needs Emergency Dental Care, Campbell, Wisconsin
Dental problems are never fun, especially when they involve your child. In addition to helping your son or daughter remain calm in these situations, it’s crucial to know what more
Emergency Dental Care: What to Do in 4 Common Situations, Campbell, Wisconsin
Between sports and playing outside, kids are bound to experience a dental emergency at some point. But how should you handle it when it happens to your child? At La Crosse more
Ask a Children’s Dentist: What Should I Do If My Child’s Tooth Falls Out?, Campbell, Wisconsin
It’s natural for children to lose their baby teeth gradually, but knocked-out teeth are a different story. If your child loses a tooth after sustaining an impact injury, turn to La more
When Is It Time for Emergency Dental Care? , Campbell, Wisconsin
Whether your child has a chipped tooth or a toothache, how do you know when it’s time for emergency dental care versus a routine appointment? Knowing what situations require more
Children's Dentist Discusses When It's Time to Take Your Child's Pacifier, Campbell, Wisconsin
For many parents, a pacifier is an indispensable tool in raising children. Pacifiers calm crying babies, soothe temper tantrums, and provide comfort to infants as they fall asleep. more
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