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5 Conditions That Chiropractic Care Can Help, Lincoln, Nebraska
You probably already know that chiropractic care is a proven solution for treating chronic neck and back pain, but there are many other conditions that this powerful form of holistic medicine can treat, some of which you may suffer more
3 Common Chiropractic Treatments, Lincoln, Nebraska
From lower back pain to an aching neck, chiropractic treatments can be used to address a variety of ailments, and a great chiropractor will tailor the treatment to the patient’s unique needs. The professionals at Comfort more
Lincoln, NE Pain Management Businesses
Holmes Lake Chiropractic, Pain Management, Health & Wellness Centers, Chiropractor, Lincoln, Nebraska
2855 South 70th St Suite 101
Lincoln, NE 68506
Holmes Lake Chiropractic is Lincoln, Nebraska’s best chiropractic doctor and back specialist, offering dedicated pain treatment in a soothing, patient-centered environment. Dr. Austin R. Weaver, who runs the practice, emphasizes a combin...
Physical Therapy Center, PC, Pain Management, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy, Lincoln, Nebraska
600 N. Cotner Blvd Suite 110
Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 466-7030
Located in central Lincoln, Nebraska, Physical Therapy Center, PC is an outpatient physical therapy practice that provides a wide range of pain relief and rehabilitation services—everything from therapeutic massage to manual therapy—to p...
Trigger Point Myotherapy, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Lincoln, Nebraska
8540 Executive Woods Dr., Ste 200 Office 105
Lincoln, NE 68512
If you’re struggling with recurring pain or headaches, you might be experiencing referred pain caused by an irritated trigger point, which is a spot in the tissue surrounding and within the muscle. Trigger Point Myotherapy in Lincol...
Comfort Family Chiropractic, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Lincoln, Nebraska
1600 S 70th St, Suite 201
Lincoln, NE 68506
Comfort Family Chiropractic is a clinic dedicated to providing the Lincoln community with high-quality, natural health care for a wide variety of medical ailments and conditions. They pride themselves on the emphasis they place on the we...
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Should I See a Chiropractor if I Have Pain Following a Car Accident?, Lincoln, Nebraska
The repercussions of a car accident can be devastating, especially if you sustained serious injuries. Even if you didn’t break any bones, back pain is one symptom that you shouldn’t more
Lincoln’s Physical Therapy Experts Discuss the Importance of Therapeutic Exercise , Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’ve been told you might benefit from therapeutic exercise, you may be wondering how it differs from traditional physical therapy. Physical Therapy Center, PC provides more
What Is Kinesio Taping?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Kinesio taping is one of the most versatile tools in any physical therapist’s arsenal. If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you might have spotted this colorful tape on several more
Comfort Family Chiropractic Shares 3 Ways to Fend Off a Headache, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you suffer from dull, throbbing headaches or intense, jabbing migraines, no one likes coping with the pain and discomfort headaches bring. Fortunately, Comfort Family more
Is Physical Therapy After Joint Replacement Necessary?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Do you need physical therapy after joint replacement? Absolutely. Therapeutic exercise is strongly recommended to help ensure that your new hip or knee functions well so you can more
How to Know if Sciatica Is Causing Your Back Pain, Lincoln, Nebraska
Do you sometimes get mysterious pain in one of your legs, your lower back, or your hips? Do you chalk it up to old age or humid weather? Well, it turns out there may be another more
Do You Need Chiropractic Treatment, Massage Therapy, or Both?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When back pain arises, patients often ask whether they need chiropractic treatment or massage therapy. Both treatments are hands-on, all natural, and have the goal of restored more
How to an Avoid Athletic Injury as a Weekend Warrior, Lincoln, Nebraska
With work taking up your weekdays, weekends are your time to get out and be active. That kind of weekend warrior routine, however, may be paying a toll on your health. Your body can’ more
How Long Does Chiropractic Care Take to Produce Results?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When new patients first seek out chiropractic care from Comfort Family Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE, one of their first questions is usually some variation of, “How often will I have more
Signs of a Reputable Physical Therapy Office, Lincoln, Nebraska
After you have surgery, you will often require physical therapy during your rehabilitation. Unfortunately, not every physical therapy office is created equal. Several factors should more
How To Stay Young the 1st 100 Years! , Lincoln, Nebraska
June 16, 2016 6:15PM - June 16, 2016 7:00PM
Important Facts Concerning Aging: •    The average life span today is 77.6 years and growing!! •    Studies reveal that by 2050, 800,000 people will be more
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Neck Pain Treatments From Lincoln’s Leading Chiropractic Care Source  , Lincoln, Nebraska
Neck and back pain can be difficult to manage. While many people cope by reaching for pain medication, there are trusted chiropractic treatments that will actually help you heal. At& more
Physical Therapy Center Uses Kinesio Taping for Pain Relief & Healing	, Lincoln, Nebraska
The rehabilitation team at Physical Therapy Center of Lincoln, NE, uses the Kinesio taping method to aid the body's healing process by increasing lymphatic drainage. It also more
Patients Seek Manual Therapy For Pain Relief at Lincoln’s Physical Therapy Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
For ultimate relief from musculoskeletal and joint pain, patients seek out manual therapy treatments with Lincoln, NE’s leading physical therapists at Physical Therapy Center, PC. more
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