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5 Healthy, Pain-Relieving Snacks to Try This Football Season, Chaska, Minnesota
Football season is finally here, but that doesn’t mean chronic pain management should get pushed to the sidelines. Fortunately, according to Twin Cities’ iSpine Pain Physicians, balancing treatment and team spirit is as easy as meal more
The Step-by-Step Guide to Chronic Pain Management, Chaska, Minnesota
Everyone knows what pain is. You feel it every time you stub your toe or touch a hot stove. However, less understand chronic pain, let alone the intricacies of chronic pain management. So, in honor of this year’s Pain Awareness Month, more
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iSpine Pain Physicians, Doctors, Pain Management, Chaska, Minnesota
111 Hundertmark Rd
Chaska, MN 55318
(763) 201-8191
If you’re suffering from a painful spine or extremity disorders, the specialists at iSpine Pain Physicians will help you find relief and reclaim your life. Serving residents of the Twin Cities-area at five convenient locations, this...
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How Do You Define Chronic Pain? Twin Cities Physicians Share 3 Different Perspectives, Chaska, Minnesota
Chronic pain – whether of the back, neck, shoulders or hips – is a complex disease with countless etiologies. Hence, there are many ways one may feel and describe pain. Chronic pain more
Why Do We Need Pain Awareness Month?, Chaska, Minnesota
September is Pain Awareness Month and, as a chronic pain management center, iSpine Pain Physicians takes this holiday to heart. However, the Twin Cities-based team recognizes that more
National Golf Month: Why Does Golf Cause Back Pain?, Chaska, Minnesota
As National Golf Month comes to a close, Twin Cities’ iSpine Pain Physicians are wrapping up their discussion on sports injuries. But, before they can do that, the chronic pain more
3 Powerful Exercises Every Golfer With Back Pain Should Know, Chaska, Minnesota
Last week, Twin Cities’ iSpine Pain Physicians celebrated National Golf Month by creating awareness of five common golf injuries. The back pain specialists mentioned that stretching more
Top 5 Golf Injuries & How to Avoid Them, Chaska, Minnesota
Not only is August prime golfing season in the Twin Cities, but it’s also National Golf Month! To join the celebration, iSpine Pain Physicians is using the next four weeks to teach more
Looking for Chronic Pain Relief? Why Swimming Might Be the Answer, Chaska, Minnesota
With summer in full swing, the last thing you want is your back, neck or shoulder pain to keep you from enjoying all the season has to offer. But what if one of your favorite more
The Golfer’s Guide to Chronic Back Pain, Chaska, Minnesota
As any native Minnesotan knows, summer is golfing season in the Twin Cities. However, as many take to the greens this month, many others are visiting iSpine Pain Physicians to more
Make the Most of Your Summer With iSpine’s Best Chronic Pain Management Tips, Chaska, Minnesota
Unlike most Twin Cities residents, chronic pain doesn’t partake in summer vacation. So, when the temperatures start to rise, it’s best to arm yourself with a few tools and tricks. more
3 Garden-Friendly Foods That Alleviate Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain, Chaska, Minnesota
Did you know that your diet plays a crucial role in your back, neck and shoulder pain levels? According to iSpine Pain Physicians, it does. Many foods, namely fruits and vegetables more
Top 5 Tips for a Back Pain-Free Road Trip, Chaska, Minnesota
June is finally upon us, which means sand, sun and summer vacation. If you’re planning a road trip this season, the last thing you want is your chronic back pain to flare up during more
Trouble Sleeping With Pain? Tips for Chronic Pain Relief & Better Sleep, Chaska, Minnesota
For those who suffer from chronic pain, a good night’s sleep can seem out of reach. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night, poor-quality rest more
Improving Mental Health With Chronic Pain Management, Chaska, Minnesota
As May—which is National Mental Health Month—comes to a close, it’s important to think about mental health and the ways chronic pain can affect it. The board-certified physicians at more
The Connection Between Back Pain & Mental Health, Chaska, Minnesota
May is National Mental Health Month, and it serves to remind us that it’s just as important to think about the state of our emotional well-being as it is to focus on our physical more
Tips for Gardening With Chronic Back Pain, Chaska, Minnesota
With warm weather and ample sunshine, May is the perfect month to start your garden. However, if you suffer from chronic back pain, gardening must be done with care. The Twin more
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