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May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation , Pain Management, Health & Wellness Centers, Chiropractor, East Hartford, Connecticut
50 Main St.
East Hartford, CT 06118-3208
(860) 568-3900
Neck pain, sports injuries, headaches—these are just some of the common complaints that lead people to seek chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation services. Located in East Hartford, Connecticut, May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation ...
3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Your Baby, East Hartford, Connecticut
As a new parent, it’s normal to be concerned about your baby’s health. While you may be familiar with taking your infant to a pediatrician, did you know chiropractic treatment more
3 Things to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Treatment, East Hartford, Connecticut
Muscle pain isn’t on anybody’s wish list. Whether you’ve sustained an injury or the activities of daily life cause chronic back and neck pain, finding relief is key to more
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Stretching is beneficial to everyone, but it’s even more important for people who require chiropractic treatments. Daily stretching, along with personalized exercises under the more
3 Reasons Not to Put Off Your Chiropractic Treatments, East Hartford, Connecticut
If you have not yet been to a chiropractor or you keep delaying your chiropractic treatments, you may be missing out on extraordinary health benefits. When you’re more
How Often Is Chiropractic Treatment Necessary?, East Hartford, Connecticut
Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive way to alleviate nerve, joint, spinal, and muscle pain. It does not involve medication and focuses on correcting bodily alignment to more
Find Relief With These 4 Common Chiropractic Treatments, East Hartford, Connecticut
When you’re seeking an alternative to prescription drugs and surgery to relieve your pain, chiropractic treatment is the safe, effective answer. For the past 15 years, East Hartford, more
4 Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Treatment Today, East Hartford, Connecticut
There’s a pain in your left knee that just doesn’t seem to go away—and your neck is always stiff. You keep telling yourself these problems will go away, but they’ve lasted more
Healing Back & Neck Pain With MLS Laser Therapy, East Hartford, Connecticut
When a painful neck, back, or shoulder injury won’t go away, safe and effective MLS Laser Therapy can help you heal and get back to everyday life. May more
3 Ways to Alleviate Back Pain With Chiropractic Treatment, East Hartford, Connecticut
Chiropractic treatment is a popular form of non-surgical care that relieves muscle pain through spinal manipulation. Chiropractic back treatment can also be an excellent more
3 Interesting Facts About Massage Therapy, East Hartford, Connecticut
Massage therapy sometimes gets overlooked as a valid form of medical treatment, but more and more people are giving it the recognition it deserves. Massage therapy is an more
3 Signs Your Migraines Require Chiropractic Treatment , East Hartford, Connecticut
Millions of Americans suffer from headaches and migraines on a regular basis. As a result, finding relief from head and neck pain is an ongoing challenge. Many people who suffer more
How to Schedule & Prepare for Your Upcoming Chiropractic Treatment, East Hartford, Connecticut
Your first appointment for chiropractic treatment at May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can mark the beginning of an exciting journey toward renewed health and wellness. Before more
3 Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, East Hartford, Connecticut
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by a pinched nerve at the wrist. However, carpal tunnel syndrome can be tricky to identify since there isn’t a definitive test to more
How Patients Find Pain Relief With MLS Laser Therapy , East Hartford, Connecticut
When patients turn to them for pain relief from chronic conditions or injury, May Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, in East Hartford, CT, employs only the most advanced more