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The Natural Medicine Treatment for Immune-Related Diseases, North Bethesda, Maryland
The immune system is designed to protect the human body from external infection and internal cellular mutations that can become cancer cells. However, the immune system can attack the body’s own unhealthy cells, prevent cancer happe...read more
Food, Drug, or Seasonal Allergies? How Natural Medicine Can Help, North Bethesda, Maryland
If a patient is allergic to an external antigen like pollen, gluten, or peanuts, a Western medical doctor may advise them to avoid it forever. Food allergies are easy to control if the patient simply avoids the trigger foods, but if...read more
Montgomery, MD Holistic & Alternative Care Businesses
Mary Wellness, Personal Chefs, Holistic & Alternative Care, Nutrition, Montgomery Village, Maryland
Holistic healthcare and healthy diets are gaining more and more awareness in today’s health-conscious person. At Mary Wellness, Chef Maryam J. uses food science, homeopathic remedies and yunani holistic medicine to help you lose weight, ...
All Natural Medicine Clinic, Infectious Disease, Medical Treatments, Holistic & Alternative Care, Rockville, Maryland
4801 Randolph Rd.
Rockville, MD 20852
From the nerves in your brain to the pain in your back, your body is a holistic entity. Since your organs are always working together, treating the whole body is vital to attaining optimal health and well-being. The expert physicians at ...
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Bian Zheng: Diagnosing & Treating Disease With Chinese Medicine, North Bethesda, Maryland
Chinese medical theory teaches that symptoms and signs that are displayed externally indicate pathological change internally. There is an analysis process called Bian Zhen in Chinese...read more
Natural Medicine: What We Know About Cells & Disease, North Bethesda, Maryland
With the goal of preventing and healing diseases, clinical research utilizes unique methods that can lead to medical revolutions. The purpose of natural medicine is to boost the qual...read more
Treating Disease on a Cellular Level: How Natural Medicine Is Different, North Bethesda, Maryland
Chinese and natural medicine treat diseases with methods that have been performed for over thousands of years; they can even be used to treat complex conditions like autoim...read more
Can Heart Burn Be Healed with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?, North Bethesda, Maryland
Wanzhu Hou, CMD, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. CH, MD(P.R.China) Heart burn is a symptom that is a burning sensation in the stomach and/or in the chest behind thymus bone. Some people have no sym...read more
The Problem With Conventional Medicine's Approach, North Bethesda, Maryland
Western medicine uses drugs and synthetic medications to treat symptoms without rebuilding the damaged cells, which prevents the body from naturally healing itself. By contrast, natu...read more
Combat Signs of Aging with Acupuncture & Medicinal Herbs, North Bethesda, Maryland
Chemical products, drugs, smoke, and alcohol, as well as infections and immune disorders can damage cells and expedite organ damage, leading to chronic diseases a...read more
How Chinese Medicine Treats Diseases, North Bethesda, Maryland
Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, has treated various diseases for thousands of years. Just about every disease that can be diagnosed by modern medici...read more
Apples, mixed berries, greens, honey, and olive oil, Montgomery Village, Maryland
Apples, cinnamon, and sugar are delicious and healthy for you too. Apples have tons of natures healing compounds; like fiber, flavonoids, antioxidants, polyphenols (steroids), vitami...read more
Super foods etc., Montgomery Village, Maryland
Are you feeling tired or sluggish? Do you know what mineral you need in the proper amount? Will your body have enough nutrients stored in your organs to counteract an unforeseen stre...read more
Healthy Cooking For Happier Living With Mary Wellness, Montgomery Village, Maryland
Healthy cooking will change your life. Though it sounds like wild hyperbole, eating better actually affects every aspect of your day-to-day living. Sharing the wisdom of nutrition ...read more
How Healthy Cooking Advice is Often Better Than Medical Advice, Montgomery Village, Maryland
The old saying, "You are what you eat," continues to be true. Overeating makes us feel sluggish and uninspired. Strict diets can make us yearn for forbidden foods, triggering overind...read more
Tea time is healing for cold/flu season., Montgomery Village, Maryland
Nutritious food is your first defense against and prevention from acute and chronic illness. There are thousands of viruses, cancers, and bacteria that effect us internally and exter...read more
New recipes from BF Saul cooking demo!, Montgomery Village, Maryland
Here are a few recipes. Kale slaw is a recipe I created and it can be mixed with quinoa, bulgur wheat, or whole grain couscous (pasta). Remember to add your own creativity to these r...read more
ADD, ADHD, Autism and Diet, Montgomery Village, Maryland
I believe that we should think of healing from natural sources-of course food- first because we are natural beings. If you are fixing a robot, then maybe you could think about using ...read more
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