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3 Facts to Know About Midwife Services, Lebanon, Connecticut
When it comes to deciding which birth plan works best for your wants and needs, enlisting the help of a home birth midwife can help you feel more confident in the labor and delivery process. But, there are many misconcepti...read more
Lebanon Midwife Answers 4 FAQs About Home Births, Lebanon, Connecticut
For expectant mothers seeking a natural childbirth experience, home births are a desirable alternative to delivering in a hospital setting. When considering this option, it’s understandable to have questions and concerns. That’s why Nanc...read more
Colchester, CT Holistic & Alternative Care Businesses
Traditional Midwifery Care, Holistic & Alternative Care, Home Care, Midwives & Birthing Centers, Lebanon, Connecticut
197B Trumbull Hwy
Lebanon, CT 06249
(860) 463-7674
If you’re looking for a home birth midwifery practice to assist in your birthing plan, look to Nancy Farr, Certified Professional Midwife at Traditional Midwifery Care. Located in Lebanon, CT, Nancy proudly serves her community by p...
Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy, Alternative Medicine, Naturopathic Physicians, Holistic & Alternative Care, Manchester, Connecticut
192 Hartford Road
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 287-4558
Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy specializes in comfortable and hygienic colonics in the Manchester area. Each session includes abdominal and pressure point manipulation/touch, along with use of dōTERRA essential oils. ...
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3 Reasons to Consider Natural Birth, Lebanon, Connecticut
During the pregnancy process, many women begin thinking about their birth plan. While there are many options available, natural birth offers a variety of compelling benefits. B...read more
5 Ways a Water Birth Eases Labor & Delivery, Lebanon, Connecticut
Even as the water birth grows in popularity, delivering a newborn in a tub or small pool can feel like a foreign concept. However, Traditional Midwifery Care explains it is...read more
The Role of Prebiotics in Colon Cleansing, Manchester, Connecticut
While most of us have probably heard the term ‘probiotics’ bandied about, many may not know that prebiotics are also an important part of colon health. Probiotic-rich foods are a cru...read more
Gut Bacteria and the Link to Changing Brain Functions, Manchester, Connecticut
Recent studies have started to link gut bacteria to brain functions and conditions such as autism, anxiety, depression. In some cases, not having enough of a certain bacteria or havi...read more
Why Colon Cleansing & Probiotics Go Hand in Hand, Manchester, Connecticut
When you hear the word “bacteria”, you probably think of the common cold or of other germs that make you sick. But did you know that some types of bacteria are good for you? Well, Ma...read more
Summer Eviction Notice Colonic Special, Manchester, Connecticut
Did you know that you have millions of microorganisms living in your gut? Some are healthy and some are not. Now is a perfect time to evict the hoards of unhealthy bacteria who have ...read more
Colon Cleansing: Why Chewing Thoroughly Promotes Gut Health, Manchester, Connecticut
As a holistic professional, Constance Jones of Colon Hydrotherapy is dedicated to providing her clients in the Manchester, CT, area with excellent colon cleansing services as well as...read more
The History of Colonics, Part 3, Manchester, Connecticut
The History of Colonics and Today’s Practice, Part 3   Over the last couple of weeks, we saw that the concept of cleansing with water is as old as mankind. From ancient Egyp...read more
The History of Colonics, Part 2, Manchester, Connecticut
The History of Colonics and Today’s Practice, Part 2 Last week we saw that the concept of cleansing with water is as old as mankind.  The ancient Roman bath (shown above) had...read more
4 Ways Skin Brushing Can Aid Health and Beauty, Manchester, Connecticut
When it comes to caring for our skin, bathing and moisturizing are common forms of health and beauty maintenance. Constance Jones -- Colon Hydrotherapy would like to show you another...read more
Colon Hydrotherapy: The Cost of Colonics, Manchester, Connecticut
Have you ever wondered why colonics cost what they do? Do you feel as if the price is too high? Have you asked why? Just as you most likely do not know what is going on in your col...read more
Tips for Juice Fasting combined with Colon Cleansing, Manchester, Connecticut
While forms of hydrotherapy have been practiced for centuries as a means of colon cleansing, so has juice fasting. Here are some tips from Manchester, CT's most trusted holistic colo...read more
Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy: New Client Special!, Manchester, Connecticut
Jump start your desire to renew your heath! Enjoy a $15 savings off your first session! Please call or text 860.287.4558 *Mention this deal for one discounted ses...read more
Food Combining for Holistic Health and Beauty: Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy Explains, Manchester, Connecticut
Colon hydrotherapy is a centuries-old practice, used for generations to support health and beauty. No wellness practice stands alone, however— since overall health is the product of...read more
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