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The History of Headstones & Monuments, Webster, New York
Memorializing a loved one with a headstone is a tradition that dates back to Roman and Celtic cultures. The name, function, and form have evolved over the years and become a modern tradition in marking the grave of a dearly departed. The...read more
3 Reasons to Have a Local Stone Carver Create a Loved One’s Memorial, Webster, New York
When a loved one passes, you choose a grave marker to honor their memory in a lasting way. While there are many options online, it’s best to work with a local stone carver to design and create the perfect tribute. The team at New York’s ...read more
Webster, NY Headstones & Grave Markers Businesses
Rochester Monument Company Inc, Engravers, Headstones & Grave Markers, Stonework, Webster, New York
1130 Ridge Rd
Webster, NY 14580
(585) 872-1827
For more than 75 years, families and businesses have turned to Rochester Monument Company in Webster, NY, for impeccable and beautifully-crafted monuments, headstones, grave markers and more. The family-owned and -operated company has ea...
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Create a Lasting Memory By Designing Your Own Monument, Webster, New York
Leaving a legacy behind after you pass is important after a long, fruitful life. One of the best and most meaningful ways to commemorate your life is to create a monument that reflec...read more
How Does a Monument Help Us Memorialize Our Loved Ones?, Webster, New York
Whether it’s in the form of commemorative bricks or a headstone, selecting a monument is a central part of memorializing those who have passed away. But why do we build these monumen...read more
How a Stone Carver Crafts a Memorial, Webster, New York
If you’re seeking an honorable, high-quality monument, you need a stone carver who works with dignity and grace. With years of experience crafting one-of-a-kind m...read more
What Are Commemorative Bricks?, Webster, New York
One of the best ways to honor a lost loved one is by creating a personalized headstone or grave marker. That’s where the experts at Rochester Monument Company come in. Since ope...read more
Custom Grave Monuments Offer Unique & Beautiful Tributes, Webster, New York
It’s never easy when a loved one dies, and there are many decisions to make about final preparations for a funeral. One big choice is the monument or headstone for your loved one’s g...read more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Inscription for your Monument , Webster, New York
Choosing the engraved inscription on your monument necessitates introspection, reflection and clarity. If you’re struggling to find the words for this important remembrance, turn to ...read more
Choosing an Address Marker for Your Home, Webster, New York
Customized address markers are an aesthetically-pleasing way to add personality and charm to the exterior of your home. Address markers come in a variety of materials, sizes, an...read more
What's the Best Material for a Headstone?, Webster, New York
A headstone is a permanent monument to the life of someone who has since passed, therefore it’s important that the material from which it’s made be durable enough to stand the t...read more
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